Buffalo Grass – A Drought Tolerant Lawn

A green, low-maintenance lawn in a dry environment is something that most homeowners and businesses crave, which is why many are turning to the native buffalo grass as an ideal ground cover. Originating from the Great Plains between Mexico and Montana, this grass got its name from the great herds of buffalo, which fed upon it for sustenance. With the ability to survive droughts and extreme temperatures this verdant plant is perfect for lawns in hot and arid states.

Buffalo grass is an attractive, soft grass that thrives in low moisture environments. It ranges in color from green to cyan but might turn yellow to go dormant during a cold, snowy winter. As a hardy perennial it can be expected to return to a lush green surface once the snows have cleared. This adaptation makes for an excellent lawn even in the northern states with harsher winters.



A variety of soils will support buffalo grass, from well-drained clay to rocky limestone. This plant prefers approximately one inch of water per week for optimal green coloration but can tolerate much less. Occasional mowing is required for a uniform look with the desired height being around three inches. If left in its natural state the grass will only reach a maximum height between eight and ten inches, thus making it great for properties that are too large for even occasional mowing.

Why Buffalo Grass is the Best for Your Garden

  • Low-maintenance: Because buffalo grass don’t grow very high, it also seldom gets grass fungus. It requires little mowing and fertilizing and can survive a drought. Over-managing actually does more harm than good.
  • Remains green during winter Although primarily a warm season plant, the buffalo grass will survive winters even when seldom irrigated.
  • Weed-resistant
  • Environment-friendly: Because it needs very little water, buffalo is a very environment-friendly type of grass since it conserves water.
  • Child-friendly: Buffalo grass is disease and insect resistant, so it’s perfect for families with small kids. Plus, the grass is very soft so you can sit out on it on those warm summer days!


Warning: If you choose buffalo, you’ll want to sit out on the grass all the time!
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