Restore Rotted, Termite-damaged and Spongy Wood

Are you faced with the difficult and expensive task of replacing a wooden sill, column, or beam? Do you have a window coming apart? There are two products that can literally restore damaged wood to “better than new” condition quickly and inexpensively. Any rotting wood can be treated and regenerated.

Termite damage

Small Company’s Products Famous For Quick , Easy and Economical Wood Restoration

Abatron, a Kenosha, Wisconsin company, has created Liquid Wood and WoodEpox to help even beginning wood restorers. The products have been featured on This Old House and used by the Architect of the Capitol, and they work.

Liquid Product Completely Re-hardens Wood

Liquid Wood is a two-part compound that, when mixed, becomes a viscous liquid. You can paint it onto or inject it into rotted or spongy wood. It’s the consistency of corn syrup and flows easily in temperate weather – any careful amateur can apply it with good results. It permeates the wood.

Spongy wood

Once the liquid dries (from 60 minutes to 3 hours depending on the weather), the wood is solid once again. It can be sawed, nailed, and painted. Liquid Wood can be mixed with sawdust or fiberglass. To save money, you can soak cloth or newspaper in the liquid and use it to pack hollow cracks and holes in the wood. The cloth or paper will bond to the wood and dry just as hard.

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Putty Fills Rotted-out Sections of Wood

WoodEpox is similar to spackle. It’s also a two-part compound. Mix the white paste and spread it like cake icing to cover holes and gouges. Pack it into deep crevices or build it up in multiple layers to re-create worn or rotted corners and ends. When dry, the surface can be smoothed and sanded or textured. You can nail, saw, or paint this finished product, too. It’s a better choice for overhead applications and situations where

Rotted wood

Liquid Wood would drip out of the wood before the product sets up.

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Save Big Money by Spending a Little

Both products are available in a variety of quantities and can be ordered online or over the phone directly from the company. As with many building products, gloves and proper ventilation are important. Mixing containers, paint brushes and/or plastic adhesive spreaders are the tools you need. In a pinch, you can even spread WoodEpox with a butter knife. If you are willing to make a little investment of time and money, you can save many seemingly hopeless home repair situations.

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