Best Corded Drills for Specialty Jobs

Certain jobs require more torque then you’ll get from your trusty cordless drill. When you run into one of those jobs, it is the ideal time to own a corded drill, but just like cordless drills, not every corded drill is ideally suited for every job. Check out below for some of our recommendations for corded drills you might want to have in your tool arsenal.

Below are our recommendations for corded drills for specialized needs.


Best Corded Drill for Driving Screws

best corded drill for driving screwsDEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill

Variable rate settings are ideal for versatility in usage.

Variable rate treating induces for versatility in exploration and attaching programs with a smooth hold manage and all ball-bearing development which provides top rated in heavy-duty programs. All metal variable-position keyless chuck for greater bit placement.


  • 650w max watts output,
  • Max bit sizes: spade bit 1″, hole saw 1-1/8″, twist bi) 3/8″,
  • Pistol grip with anti-slip
  • Single gear reduction
  • Weight 4.1lbs

Powerful, resilient, and user-friendly, the DEWALT DWD112 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol Grip Drill with Keyless Chuck brings together the force of ball-bearing construction with an effective, 8-amp engine for effective function. Suitable for a variety of professional tasks, the DWD112 provides the stability and versatility you need to see work to completion. The DWD112 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol Grip Drill with Keyless Chuck is supported by a restricted three-year guarantee, 90-day money-back assurance, and one-year free service agreement.  It matches the best rate to the job with the 0 – 2,500 rpm, variable-speed induce and appreciate stability and perfection. You’ll also appreciate the 100 percent ball-bearing construction, which allows the DWD112 to stand up to deterioration on any job site. With a 3/8-inch, all-metal, variable-position keyless chuck, you’ll appreciate higher bit preservation and improved efficiency. At the same time, a smooth grip-handle design provides adequate area and hand convenience for long-term use without extreme stress on arms and arms.

Best Corded Drill for Steel

Best corded drill for steelDEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill

With its highly effective 10 amp motor, the DEWALT 1/2-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill is able to deliver rates of speed of 0 to 1,200 rpm. This results in quick, flexible drilling and driving.

At the heart of this drill’s efficiency is a patented DEWALT-built motor that produces 50 percent more energy than an ordinary motor of the same size. It also provides improved overload security for prolonged device life. As flexible as it is highly effective, the DWD210G features well for both steel and wood. When getting a scoop or auger bit in timber, it provides a 1-1/2-inch potential, and it works with a potential of 2-9/16 inches wide when used with a self-feed device. The drill can also handle a 1/2-inch bit if you are working with steel. When used with a hole saw, the drill provides a 3-5/8-inch potential in wood and a 2-inch potential in steel. Its 1/2-inch chuck holds the bit safely to avoid slipping, and a metallic equipment housing provides included strength. Comfortable handling goes a long way toward guaranteeing accurate results. The DWD210G is constructed with an ergonomic office hold, and its two-finger rubberized trigger makes energy control simple. A securing, 360-degree, soft-grip part handle gives you hand-position options for enhanced comfort and better overall control of the drill. And it is an easy-to-manage 4.9 pounds, reducing exhaustion after prolonged use. The DWD210G 1/2-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Routine comes with a DEWALT assurance program that has a three-year restricted assurance, a one-year free service agreement, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

 Sometimes you need less power, in which case consider getting a power screwdriver

Best Value Corded Drill

Best value corded drillPORTER-CABLE PC600D 6.5 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Drill

Varying rate drill is powered by a 6.5 amp engine motor to deliver power in challenging tasks. 0-2500 RPM variable rate induce provides the best results for drilling and driving. 3/8” keyless place provides quick and simple bit changes. Secure Soft hold handle enhances user comfort and tool management. Designed for high-performance job sites, the Porter-Cable PC600D 3/8-inch variable rate routine provides reliable energy and strength for tasks challenging prolonged device utilization. With a high-output, 6.0 amp engine capable of 0 to 2,500 revolutions-per-minute (RPM), the PC600D 3/8-inch routine is meant to provide the rate needed for a variety of exploration programs. The high-torque equipment design makes the routine ideal for metal and wood manufacturing, lead gap exploration in outdoor patio building or structure development, and other programs challenging the prolonged run-time of an attached drill. The light and portable, drill features a range of professional features, along with a variable-speed induce for application-specific rate control; a two-sleeve, keyless place for quick bit changes; a belt clip for obtaining the tool; a six-foot-long, high-grade cable, and a lock-on key for simpler management during prolonged use.

Best Corded Drill for Woodworking

Best corded drill for woodworkingHitachi D10VH2 7.0 Amp 3/8″ Variable Speed Drill/Driver

Hitachi’s new D10VH2 is greatly enhanced over previous models presenting an all-metal keyless chuck for greater strength and better bit handling capability. Equipped with a greater amp engine to improve performance, and an added buckle connect for convenience, the D10VH2 is the ideal device for light drilling jobs in woodworking. Its rubberized over-molded handle contributes comfort and improves management. The varying rate switch with lock-on works for changing the task immediately, and decreases exhaustion during ongoing use. An easily accessible forward and reverse chuck allows for a switched out bit simple and fast, and can be managed with one hand. The new D10VH2 is the ideal addition to any tool box. It has a powerful 7-Amp engine, forcible power brings together high-speed with maximum twisting. Max twisting of 133.7 in-lbs good for high-speed applications it’s variable rate induce with switch for accurate function. The best Trigger lock-on works for reducing exhaustion during ongoing use operation and all steel 3/8″ keyless chuck for greater strength and better bit handling ability. It has form fit hand hold with rubberized over-molded manage developed to perfectly fit inside for enhanced management with little vibration. It is very easy to access forward/reverse button supports a bit fast and simple, and can be managed with one hand. Its Lightweight at 3.3 lbs for less effort of use and maneuverability along with belt connect for practical storage between job places and compact device body developed to fit in tight spaces.


You don’t need to own every one of these drills, but having one or 2 of them in your shop can help you complete jobs when your trusty cordless drill just won’t do.

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