Guide to Landscaping for Winter Birds

We showed you how to attract birds to your garden for the summer, but now we want to share with you how to care for your winter birds.

When winter is here and the days grow short it seems like many things are dead and everything seems so lifeless. I found that adding just the right equipment to your landscaping will attract winter friend into your yard. Watching these winter friends interact with each other will give you great pleasure. I have young children in my home and one summer we decided to make our yard more attractive for winter birds. These winter birds came into our lives and made our winter months something great.

If you would want to persuade the winter birds to make their homes near you and your family then you will need to take a good look at your landscaping and see what you have and what you will need to encourage the feathered friend to fly your way during the winter.

A few types of trees that winter birds find attractive are evergreens such as fir, pine and holly. Trees and shrubs supply superb roosting and nesting areas for birds. Ground birds may find tall grasses attractive such as ornamental grass this will provide a nesting place for such birds.

Many people supply winter birds bird seeds in bird feeders but having shrubs and trees that bear fruit would provide birds with natural food that many birds would prefer. Such trees and shrubs include holly and sumac. Birds that are migrating need trees and shrubs that bear fall fruit these types of trees and shrubs include dogwood, winterberry and mountain ash. Having trees and shrubs that bear fruit at different times throughout the year would be a great idea.

Place bird feeders in a place that you are able to watch them (if you would like) but be sure to place it within fifteen feet from a shrub or tree this gives the bird the ability to quickly fly for cover if need be. If you have no logical spot to place a bird feeder you can sprinkle the bird seeds on the ground just the same. Water should be available for the birds. A bird bath may be difficult to keep unfrozen so a heater is recommended. Add no more than 2 – 3 inches of water.

Clean out any bird houses that you have hanging around and the winter birds will move in. Blue birds like to seek shelter on windy winter nights and these nesting boxes are just right. Place your water and food close to the nesting boxes so they are visible.

I hope you find the winter birds a calming sight to watch as we did.


Easy Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeder for Winter Birds

Supplies Needed:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Butter Knife
  • Bird Seed
  • Pine Cone
  • 2 Pipe cleaners
  • Wax paper


  1. Lay the wax paper out on your counter and cover in bird seed
  2. Use the butter knife to apply generous portions of peanut butter to the pine cone
  3. Roll the pine cone in the bird seed, making sure it is thoroughly covered
  4. Gently work the first pipe cleaner under the eaves of the pine cone and secure it to the center
  5. Attach the 2nd pipe cleaner to the first, using a knot as a simple twist might not be secure enough
  6. Tie the pipe cleaner on a branch outside a window and enjoy the birds

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