Lawn Trimmer and Brushcutter Guide

Use a lawn trimmer or brush cutter for clean lawn edges, ditches or remove weeds. There are different types for sale. Maintain them well and work safely.

Lawn Trimmer

A lawn trimmer is indispensable to clean lawn edges. What can you best use depends on the size of your lawn and what you use it for. The larger the lawn, the greater the cutting width of the trimmer. Identify garden tasks you perform and decide on that basis which trimmer you buy.

Features of Lawn Trimmers

Lawn trimmers  are available in the following versions:

  • Electrical power trimmers.
  • Battery powered trimmers.
  • Gasoline powered trimmers.

A trimmer is suitable for small to medium-sized lawns up to 500 square meters. Brushcutters use for lawns bigger than 500 square meters, ditches and removing nettles and light scrub.

Knife or thread?

Trimmers are for sale with a nylon line head (wire) or with a steel or plastic knife style attachment.

The wire feed works in 3 different manners:

  • Manual: Once the wire is too short, pull the wire itself further.
  • Tip-automatic: Once the wire is too short tap the trimmer briefly on the ground, so that the wire extends itself.
  • Automatic: when the wire is too short, the thread automatically renew.


Consider the following points:

  • Adjust the telescopic trimmer to any body length.
  • Trim the edges with a 180 ° rotating cutting head.
  • Reach difficult spots with a three-point edge angle setting.

Lawn Trimmer Safety

We would like to give you the most important safety tips:

  • Plan your work, then it will be easier and smoother.
  • Verify difficult terrain ahead.
  • Wear protective clothing such as hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, sturdy, well-fitting clothing and safety shoes .
  • Make sure nobody is in the area within a radius of 15 feet.
  • Check in advance the trimmer or brush cutter for loose parts.
  • Check the power cable for breakage or looping. For heavy machinery you use an extension cord that is resistant to at least 3000 watts. The maximum length of the extension cord is 50 feet.
  • Always make sure you use the right machine for the job.
  • Keep under bushes and tall scrub a cutting height of 5 inches.
  • Bring in or tie up your animals to minimize danger.
 Wear Personal Protection Equipment when using a lawn trimmer

Tips for starting your trimmer or brush cutter:

  • Read the instructions.
  • Fill the gas-powered brush cutter with 2-stroke fuel. Always use the same fuel, which prolongs the life.
  • Check that the trimmer line or blade is properly installed. Use the cutting wire guide in the manual.
  • Lubricate the starter cord once in a little oil.
  • Concentrate and start carefully.

Maintenance of your lawn trimmer

Regularly check the cutting tool or wire. Wrap the threads properly in an open cutting head. Regularly clean the cutting tool and guard. Check your trimmer or brush cutter regularly for defects such as cutting cover a torn and worn parts. Store your trimmer for long periods of time:

  • Empty the tank, no fuel residues may remain. Run the machine to burn the last remnants of gasoline.
  • Clean the device completely.
  • Store the device dry and dust-free place, preferably hanging.

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