Leaf Vacuums

Raking together with bagging leaves is easily the most daunting jobs that the majority of home owners are going through year after year. Regardless of whether your own yard is filled with trees or the neighbor’s trees manage to lose all their leaves on your yard, you might want to think about leaf vacuums to make the task of leaf removal somewhat less complicated.

leaf vacuumsThere are three standard varieties of leaf vacuums:

  • handheld,
  • push,
  • driving style.

You should choose which design you need depending on the amount of the job you face. For those who have a small yard, or have to operate in small settings such as those among landscape components, you simply must look closely at a portable model. For people with a larger yard with numerous wide open spots, a walk behind or “push” model might be the best option. For massive yards with lots of trees and leaves to pick up, the latest riding leaf vacuum will transform this sort of undertaking into a ride in the park.

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Hand held leaf vacuums

Hand held models are often an effective piece of equipment for the consumer without a truly big area to maintain. A lot of the hand-held leaf vacuums also function as blowers, which can be beneficial for both leaves as well as snow. When you are prepared to operate the hand held model as a vacuum, simply push a button and attach leaf bags to capture the leaves. Hand held models are built for recently fallen leaves which haven’t become moist or compacted since they typically have tiny motors that fail to supply a great deal of power.

A quality leaf bag, like the Alda Group Monster Leaf Bag will allow you to vacuum up more leaves in a single job.

walk behind leaf vacuum

Walk behind leaf vacuums

Walk behind leaf vacuums look and operate comparable to walk behind lawnmowers. A majority of models either shred or mulch the leaves while they pick up them, and then transfer the leaves to a bag that may later be emptied much like a lawnmower bag. Should you be a gardening aficionado, you can find that the mulch made by this type of device comes in handy for the garden at the time you winterize it. Given that walk behind models are unable to steer into tiny areas, you could nevertheless find yourself using a leaf rake.

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Riding leaf vacuums

For an especially huge yard with lots of trees and shrubs, you should definitely think about picking a riding leaf vacuum. A riding vacuum is similar to a riding lawnmower, but instead of the cutting blade on the underside, riding models possess an impressive vacuum. The benefit to this sort of leaf vacuum is that it will clean up substantial swaths of the yard quickly, and in addition more than a few have strong motors. Riding vacuums have big leaf bags that will not have to be emptied as frequently, which means you spend more time cleaning and considerably less time emptying bags.  Some riding leaf vacuums come equipped with a hose which makes leaf and brush removal from flower beds and vegetable gardens an easy chore. The chipper chute included with many models allows small and medium sized branches up to 2 inches in diameter to be quickly reduced to chips.

Regardless of what size the property is, leaf vacuums are the best solution to transform one of falls’ worst projects into something considerably more enjoyable. You never know, with a great leaf vacuum, possibly the kids may volunteer to rake the lawn this year.

However, I definitely would not depend on it.

No need to simply blow the leaves around!

Powerful and user friendly lawn vacuums can pick up the leaves and bag them in a single simple action, making them a powerful piece of leaf removal equipment.

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