Review of Green Thumb GT50910

The Green Thumb GT50910 is an oscillating sprinkler that is very useful when it comes to watering your grass as well as letting your kids have some fun on a hot summer day. Get coverage of up to 3,000 feet by utilizing several of these in your front or back yard. While this is not an in-ground sprinkling system, the Green Thumb GT50910 sprinkler has the ability to water your lawn just a well and as efficiently without much effort at all on your end.

review of green thumbIf you weren’t aware, oscillation is known as movement that goes back and forth at a regular speed. You may have seen this many times already whether it was implemented on a fan, air purifier or any other kind of oscillating sprinkling system in someone’s yard. When the situation calls, oscillation is a very useful mechanism utilized for efficiency. Not only that, but this oscillation is very useful because this is what helps the water get so much coverage. It just might be time for you to say goodbye to watering the lawn yourself every again once you invest in the Green Thumb GT50910. There are tons of people who are happy about using this watering system and you could read all about it online.

Weighing in at 5.5 pounds and with the dimensions of 14 x 18 x 12.4 inches, this grass watering system is barely noticeable once you have it set up in your yard. The sprinkler itself offers a rectangular spray pattern that helps with getting you the most coverage possible. The sprinkler comes with a heart “non-puddling” action as well. An impact resistant plastic base is most likely much more durable than you would think and this is what’s going to help your sprinkler last for a very long time. An aluminum spray tube that is curved and coated with aluminum is what sprays out the water. You get with this up to 17 plastic precision jets that are largely responsible for it’s wide coverage.

green thumbYou would be very happy to know that the Green Thumb GT50910 is available as a single sprinkler or as a set. The single sprinkler is perfect for smaller yards and especially if your only intention for using this sprinkler is for summer fun. A set of the Green Thumb sprinklers would be to get the best coverage possible for a large yard. With only a few of these, the average home will have their grass watered with no problems. Believe it or not, you get up to 59 position “dial a rain” coverage control.

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While sprinklers are one of the last things you think about when it comes to maintaining your yards, they are so useful to get water to your lawn with ease. One of these sprinklers weighs only 1 pound and the dimensions are 6.6 x 17.3 x 3.4 inches. Being the small and lightweight build it is, anyone could easily move around this sprinkler as needed. Though not everyone is impressed with the quality of this Green Thumb sprinkler, for such an affordable price, one of these bad boys would be the perfect addition to anyone’s lawn.

How to Use a Green Thumb Sprinkler

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