3 Perennial Flowers to Grow in a Partially Shaded Garden


Growing a flower garden in a partially-shaded location can be frustrating. Many perennial flowers will not do well unless they receive full sun. However, these perennial flowers will thrive. They are hostas, bleeding hearts and lilies of the valley.

Best Flowers to Grow in a Partially Shaded Garden

hostas grow well in the shadeHostas Grow Best in Partial Shade

Hostas are traditionally known as shade plants, but, according to an Ohio State University fact sheet called Horticulture and Crop Science, they actually do not thrive in deep shade. Hostas do best when they receive some morning sun. They will show signs of burning on the leaves if they get too much sun. Hostas will do well in a partially shaded location.

Hostas are an attractive border plant that flowers in the late summer. They are a good choice for gardeners that want an easy care, partial-shade plant that will fill in otherwise empty garden spaces. Hostas are available in many varieties, including the green and white Patriot hosta and the blue-green Krossa Regal.

Hostas are easily divided. The plants can be dug out of the garden at any time during the growing season, divided and replanted.

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Bleeding Hearts grow good in the shadeBleeding Hearts Add Spring Color to Shade Gardens

Bleeding hearts do well in partial-shade gardens. Their unusual blooms appear in mid-spring and last for several weeks. Bleeding hearts have green foliage and pink, white or red flowers that resemble tiny hearts.

A healthy bleeding heart is easily divided. The horticulturist at the NDSU Extension Service recommends this hearty, perennial plant be divided after it has died back for the season. Simply dig up the root, divide with a sharp spade and replant.


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Sweet-Scented Lilies of the Valley

Lilies of the Valley grow in shadeAnother exceptional, well-known shade plant is the Lily of the Valley. This plant has delicate, bell-shaped flowers that are strongly scented. They bloom in the late spring and grow well in shade gardens. When the flowers have gone, the green plant remains. The on-line site called The Plant Expert states that lilies of the valley make a good ground cover for areas of the garden or yard that grow little else.

Lilies of the Valley spread easily and can be transplanted by digging up the rhizomes and planting in a new area. Transplant several to encourage quick growth.

Don’t give up on beautiful, flowering plants in the partially-shaded garden. Choose hostas, bleeding hearts and lilies of the valley to fill in areas of the yard that receive some sunlight, but not full sun.

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