Summer Flower Pot Arrangements


Landscapers often ask themselves “What to Plant in Pots for Summer”, and often the answer is easier than they imagine to build stunning summer flower pot arrangements. It is as easy as mixing Calibrachoa, Nemesia and Verbena hybrid flowers of pink, orange and yellow colors in one pot.

Gardeners, looking for beautiful potted plant arrangements filled with summer annual flowers, will like this recipe for mixing flowers together. Annual flowering plants like Calibrachoa, Nemesia and Verbena will bloom all summer. This combination of pink, orange and yellow flowers will need full sun, regular watering, balanced fertilizer and fresh potting soil to grow well all season.

A gardener can use a 16” or larger diameter container with at least a depth of 8”; choose three types of annuals that will thrive in the same environment and plant. Begin with one cultivar of each; Calibrachoa, Nemesia and Verbena, but if a larger pot is being planted consider using two or three of each. As the flowers and stems grow, the plants will intermingle creating a colorful collage able to last all summer.

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3 Best Summer Plants for Containers

Trailing Calibrachoa

Annual Calibrachoa Trailers

Calibrachoa, Nemesia and Verbena each have trailing habits to some degree. However, Calibrachoa develops longer stems and in a container will easily and more dramatically fall off the rim of a pot. In this combination, Calibrachoa Superbells® ‘Dreamsicle’ is used for its clear orange color.

As with Nemesia and Verbena, Calibrachoa has limited hardiness, zones 9 – 11, which is why it is more often used as an annual bedding plant by gardeners. Another combination for a summer flowering annual container is Lantana with Calibrachoa. Lantana is a drought tolerant plant that will attract pollinators; it also grows as a shrub in very warm climates but as an annual in northern gardens.

The improved version of Calibrachoa Superbells® ‘Tequila Sunrise’ will have a less wild, more refined appearance. The coloring in this plant’s blooms is a mix of red, yellow and orange and salmon.

Lemon Yellow Nemesia

Lemon Yellow Nemesia

Nemesia is known to thrive in cooler spring temperatures but flowers less enthusiastically when the weather turns hot and humid. However, the Nemesia hybrid series called Sunsatia® has proven itself a reliable summer annual for pots. In this colorful container combination, Nemesia Sunsatia® ‘Lemon’ complements the orange Calibrachoa and pink Verbena.

Nemesia has a loose upright habit that is equally able to fill in gaps left by trailing plants or by vertical plants with stiff stems. Nemesia Sunsatia® ‘Lemon’ planted with a blue Lobelia will make a colorful hanging basket and Nemesia fruticans ‘Bluebird’ picks up the sapphire disk color of Osteospermum ‘Lemon Symphony’ in a container. Like Nemesia, Osteospermum needs very well-draining soil making a pot an excellent place for both to grow.

Pink Verbena

Pink Verbena Flowers

Verbena is an annual flower that loves hot weather and is very good at attracting hummingbirds to a hanging basket. The third warm colored flower used in the three-plant pot is pink verbena, which is next to oranges and yellows on the color wheel. Verbena Superbena® ‘Pink Shades’ grows big blooms that graduate from light to rose colored pink over time. Set in the middle of an in-ground garden, a container of Calibrachoa, Nemesia and Verbena annual plants will bridge the gap in any bloom sequence a sunny perennial bed may have.

Verbena Superbena® ‘Pink Shades’ is assertive enough to hold its own when planted with Lobularia ‘Snow Princess®.’ Still, in a large hanging basket, a ratio of one Snow Princess® to two or three Verbena plants will allow the pink flowers to shine through this more aggressive sweet alyssum.

Summer Annual Bedding Plants in Pots

An easy recipe for a summer flower garden is to plant three different types of annual bedding plants with colorful flowers in a pot. Annuals are favored for the variety of brightly colored petals from which to choose and the plants’ ability to bloom all summer.

Calibrachoa, Nemesia and Verbena are annuals that will look pretty on a sunny patio and require minimal plant care to keep the small garden looking healthy. Gardeners will benefit from the added value these annual flowers offer by attracting butterflies, bees and hummingbirds to the garden.

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