Tips About Gardening Pots

Gardening doesn’t have to be time intensive, especially when you have the right tools and materials for the job. Having a busy schedule means you want to make the most out of your gardening experience, even if that garden is housed in just containers. However, did you know that the container you choose to plant in as well as what you put in it can make a world of difference in the success of your container garden?

It’s All about the Pots

container gardening clay potsThere are a number of different plant containers to choose from, so how do you know which one is best? What you don’t want to do is choose unglazed clay or terra cotta pots. The primary reason is that unglazed terra cotta or clay pots are very permeable. This means moisture leaches out of the container rather quickly leaving the plant starving for moisture.

When you use the unglazed terra cotta or clay pots, you could water the plants in them in the morning and by evening time; the plants will feel a bit dry, not moist as they should be. The extreme conditions of going from dry to wet to dry again within a short amount of time can eventually put your plant into shock.

Choosing a pot for your container gardening can be easy. A container in which the material is not permeable, meaning that the moisture won’t escape readily from the very material the container is made of, is the best choice. This material could be metal, plastic or a glazed pot.


metal container gardeningSoil Mixture Essentials

It is important that you choose a potting mix that does not have any synthetic ingredients in it. Regular garden or top soil is not the best as it could have excessive weed seed or even bugs in it that could hinder the good health of your plant. Instead, choose a high quality potting soil with natural fertilizers made from organic materials, particularly one that slowly releases the proper nutrients into the soil.


Add Moisture Retaining Materials to the Soil

Lend a bit of a hand in the moisture department. Add some special water retaining crystals into your potting soil. These crystals absorb a lot of water which they then release slowly in the soil. This particular material is especially beneficial if you are busy and don’t always have the time to water your container garden each day.

Part of the fun of having a container garden is the planning of it. Take your time in selecting just the right pots that will not only be the best for your plants but also your decor whether it is a balcony, patio or postage stamp yard. Ensuring the proper potting soil and water retention materials will only enhance your gardening experience.

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