Maximize Your Kitchen Storage: Drawers For More Storage and Kitchen Efficiency

Cupboards in a kitchen give poor storage. If they are deep it is hard to access the back and so your effective efficient storage space is reduced to the front of the cupboard. In modern kitchens the way around this is to install drawers. Modern hardware allows for big drawers to open and close effortlessly. It is now possible to build drawer units big enough for all your crockery, glasses and even your largest pots and pans. By being able to pull them open you can now easily access the entire space.

There are inserts available to allow for things such as bottles and stacks of crockery to be supported and held stable even with the most violent drawer opening. Or if you prefer even more space, anti slip mats are often sufficient.

Smooth Runners Mean Safe Storage

Drawer hardware has come a long way, and if you are modernizing your kitchen you should consider installing a soft close runner system. These gadgets gently cushion the drawer when you close it, stopping any bangs, and then gently pull the drawer closed. No more slamming and your drawer contents do not get thrown about. Once you have used a system like this you will never go back to normal drawers.

If you find the effort of pulling a drawer open there are now electric drawer openers. By simply pushing on the drawer face you activate an electric mechanism that pushes the drawer open to its full extension and this works beautifully with a soft close drawer system. This gadget is great for a minimal kitchen design as there are no handles to clutter the kitchen. They also make for a very easily cleaned kitchen.

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Some Bonus Storage

Even more space can be created with toe-kick drawers. These use the space under your cabinetry that is usually wasted. They are great for platters and large flat items. Due to their height they are not as easy to use as a normal drawer and so items that you do not use a lot should be stored here.

Pull-out pantries also make for more efficient storage. These are like drawers but vertical instead of horizontal. Normal pantries with shelves are often made with less depth, as it is difficult to access the very back of the unit. A pull out pantry allows for easy access to the entire depth of the unit thus increasing storage space.

All these gadgets have been around for a long time, but if you do not already have them you should seriously consider incorporation all of them if you want to future proof your kitchen design.

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