Flower Gardening 101 – How to Use Flowers to Your Advantage

Gardening Does Take Planning

Even in the middle of winter, a die hard gardener is planning next summer’s plants. Unfortunately, due to poor planning, many people make unnecessary purchases to make their yards attractive. Many times, these purchases only empty the checkbook. A well thought out plan on what you are going to do will save money when planning a summer yard. It can either be costly or cost effective depending on your plan. There is one option that is inexpensive that can make your yard beautiful. The option that I am suggesting is a flower garden. It doesn’t matter if your yard is big, small, hilly, or flat because flowers will add a nice touch to your own personality that is an extension of you but outside.

Flower gardens can be cultivated very quickly and without much effort or cost. Some flowers grow very quickly and are just beautiful. If you use seeds, flowers will suprise you and grow faster than you think. Flowers that can be grown will vary from one region to another depending on the climate and zone. All seed packages will tell you what USDA zone they can be grown in and if they are sunny or shady loving. It’s nice to just browse seed catalogs that come in the mail in the winter so planning can begin. From color to style to size, there is so much you can do. Another place to browse seeds and plants is on the internet, of course. Window shopping can give you as much of an “education” as books you can check out from the library. Many seed catalog companies have great information on flowers and how to grow them.

The most time consuming and difficult part of growing some beautiful flowers is preparing the soil. It’s a step that can’t be neglected. You can’t just go outside with a packet of seeds and dig a hole and expect to find the results you are looking for. It’s essential in a successful flower growing season. Part of this preparation is to remove all unwanted materials in the garden like weeds and rocks. This is time consuming but, remember, it’s very necessary. After the soil is turned and debris moved, then add an adequate quantity of fertilizer to the soil to increase fertility so the seeds, seedlings and plants have food to remain strong throughout the season. Then the fun begins, the planting.

If you are using seedlings, you can arrange them in the order you want them to show. For instance, taller ones in the back, shorter ones in the front or arrange by color. The palate is all up to your own taste. The only consideration when arranging is to plant seedlings that require more water closer to your water source. The seedlings requiring less will always get some run off.

Next is the digging of the holes. Plant them deep so they set properly. Don’t just put them in a couple inches of soil. Consult the guidelines on the plant and use that for proper depth. Cover so the plant is held tightly and then water immediately.

Soon, you’ll have a beautiful flower garden and your hard work will be rewarded by a season long color explosion that will bring you joy. As you can see growing a flower garden can be a pleasant experience. Yes, it’s work to get it going but what a great way to welcome spring and summer!

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