Creative Garden Accents for Your Outdoor Design

Choosing to add decorative accents to your garden design will help you create an outdoor showpiece for everyone to enjoy. Since a summer garden is naturally refreshing, you will want to add creative accessories that build on that outdoor theme. Many garden accents are also functional, so these accessories can be used to add personality and style to your outdoor area. A few simple and artistic garden accents will help your outdoor space become as beautiful as your interior design.

5 Garden Accents to Beautify Your Landscape

#1 Stepping Stones Provide a Pathway

Stepping-stones are a creative way to add a splash of ground color to your garden motif. These stones come in a wide array of designs, shapes, and materials that can be used to incorporate natural beauty into your garden. For a special touch, you can purchase a stepping stone kit from your local craft store and create a stone that suits your outdoor style. Stepping-stones also serve a functional purpose allowing you to walk through your garden area without stepping on fragile stems and blooms.

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#2 Wooden Wheelbarrows Add a Personalized Touch

In a large garden, you can incorporate a creative design by adding a wooden wheelbarrow to the décor. The wheelbarrow can be painted a vivid color or stained to match the original color of the wood. A traditional garden typically requires the implementation of new soil and fresh mulch, so your wooden wheelbarrow will also serve a useful purpose. Stenciling your house numbers or last name on the side of the wooden wheelbarrow will add a personalized touch to your garden design.

#3 Lawn Ornaments Create Dimension

Some lawn ornaments can be overly dramatic and unnatural in their appearance, but stone or wrought iron designs will add dimension to your garden area. Specifically, lawn ornaments that are in the shape of garden animals like frogs, bugs, or mice will incorporate nicely into your outdoor theme. To avoid a cluttered garden, limit these lawn ornaments to one or two attractive pieces.

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#4 Birdbaths Serve as a Focal Point

Creative garden accents are most appealing when they serve as a focal point for your outdoor design. A birdbath is a perfect accessory for bringing attention to your outdoor garden space. Birdbaths are typically made from stone, cement, or iron, so their sturdy construction allows them to survive adverse weather conditions. In addition, the natural beauty that is displayed when birds playfully splash in the water will make your garden design even more visually stunning.

#5 Benches Provide Valuable Seating

Whether you spend time reading, relaxing, or meditating, a garden can be a place of solitude where you can take a break from the busy pace of life. A wooden or stone bench can be added to your garden design in order to provide a decorative space for sitting. Gardens are peaceful areas that allow you to think on the natural wonders of the outdoor world.

In summary, decorative garden accents provide harmonious elements that complement your outdoor theme. A garden is a quiet place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Creative garden accents add a personal touch to your outdoor design.

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