Lawn Mowers and Scarifies

Mowing and aerating

Mowing and aerating your lawn regularly to keep it beautiful. Mowing and scarifying is important. Therefore, choose a mower and aerator that fits your situation. That depends on the size of your lawn, or there is power and if you want to mulch . Lawn mowers are available in different versions:

  • electrically driven
  • gasoline powered

Size of lawn to mow

Up to 100 square meters meets a hand mower for lawns that are larger, you need engine power. The lawn laws are simple: ask a large lawn for a machine with many cutting capacity and vice versa. The wider the knife, the greater the cutting capacity. Vote your choice out there. For extra working comfort and its great height adjustable wheels convenient. Choose a petrol mower, go for a model with wheel drive. That mowing easier. For even larger lawns are riding mowers and tractors mowing a godsend.

Cage or rotary mower

There are two types of lawnmowers, the reel mower and rotary mower. The reel mower has a vertical rotating cage with sharp blades that cut the grass. The hand mower is a reel mower. A rotary mower or Flexible Steerable Mower has a knife like an airplane propeller rapidly horizontally rotating. The advantage of a reel mower is that the grass points are cut off straight. The lawn therefore looks fresh, green and evenly. The rotary mower, turn it off the grass points. The grass points look frayed and dry out after mowing.

Electric or gasoline mower?

Electric mower

An electric mower is suitable for a larger lawn to 300 square meters. The mower is light, makes little noise and gives a good result. The cord makes it turn and turn the machine rather difficult and limits the distance you can reap.

Gasoline mower

A mower is powered by a gasoline engine. They are more powerful than electric mowers and thus suitable for large lawns. One drawback is the noise they make more noise. Handy is a container where the grass cuttings come in. Use grass clippings as mulch on the soil between shrubs.


A mulching mower is a lawn mower which grinds the grass into very fine shreds and blowing back on the turf.

Some mowers is a special mulching plug available. By placing a mulching plug to drain the mower this machine will cut grass verhaksel so that it falls back into the lawn. This makes your lawn fertilized and you have no waste. To catch on the grass again simply need to remove the mulching plug to be placed in the output channel and the output tray.

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The most important safety tips for mowing and scarifying:

  • Wear sturdy, closed shoes.
  • Wear long pants.
  • Use in gasoline mowers hearing.
  • Make sure there are no people in the vicinity.
  • Check the extension cord for breakage.
  • Pull the plug from the socket when you (temporarily) stop mowing.

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Robot Mower

A beautiful lawn is fine, but all that work! It is different now because the Auto Clip takes entirely from here. For cutting lawns up to 1200 m2, the robotic mower an extremely economical and environmentally friendly solution.


  • rain sensors
  • automatic recharge
  • self cleaning, toothed wheels
  • soft bumpers
  • safety wheels
  • mesbladmodulatie
  • safety lever

Machine maintenance

Maintain your machine properly, so you prolong service life. Make sure the blades are always sharp. This gives a clean and healthy lawn. Give your machine serviced at least once a year. The blades are checked for damage and cut if necessary. In our shop , repair or maintain the machine we like you.

Maintenance Tips

We would like to give you the following precautions:

  • Clean the machine with a stiff nylon brush.
  • Keep your gasoline powered machine on its side or upside down. This gives
  • starting problems.
  • Get to the end of the season the oil and gasoline from the tank.
  • Spray the metal parts with a multi spray.

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