Step by step guide for installing new sod in your yard.

Step by step guide for installing new sod in your yard


Sod vs Seed – Which is best?

1. Sod installs at any season. Depending on the grass type, sod can be installed during any season of the year with or without sunshine. Seeds must be planted in the right temperature and season to germinate effectively.

2. Sod makes an immediate, finished landscape. Sod establishes itself as a strong carpet of green lawn in just a couple of weeks. The process of installing is quick and easy, and within hours, a bare patch of land can be converted into a beautiful lawn. Seeds take a longer period of time to establish in optimal conditions.

3. Sod establishes a weed-free lawn. Give your landscape the best chance possible to thrive without having to fend off any stray weed seeds. Grass seeds need to compete with weeds to establish their root systems. Weeds, typically, win the soil, nutrients and water wars.

4. Sod does not require much nurturing as it is grown by experts using high quality seeds and certified hybrid sprigs. So, all you need to do is water the sod and mow it whenever necessary to maintain its even healthy look.

5. Sod requires less meticulous watering. As long as you keep the sod moist, it will take root in its new location. However, grass seed requires much more water control to ensure germination & growth.

6. Sod can handle traffic. Seeds require the new area to be free of any foot traffic for several weeks.

7. Sod can be planted in high erosion areas. Seeds cannot grow in high erosion areas, and thus, seeding could cause patches in your lawn.

8. Sod creates immediate erosion control. With seeds, you may never get your erosion problem area under control.

9. Sod does not produce patches in lawn. As sod is laid on the ground, each sheet is laid perfectly beside the next sheet. With 90 degree angles, the sod sheets knit together like a checkered board. With grass seeding, the seeds can be blown away or eaten by birds. You don’t know what you’re going to get until the growing season begins.

10. Sod creates a uniform and dense beginning for your landscape. Seeded lawns may have to be re-seeded in the following 1-2 seasons.

It’s easy to see that sod installation is faster, better and a wise investment for your home.

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