Winterizing your Yard

Something you may want to consider before it gets really cold, is what do you need to do with your yard before its too late. Some we have already talked about, including your sprinkler shut down and some pruning. In this article I wanted to talk about some additional proactive steps you can take.

Have looked at your yard with the consideration of what could be moved inside? Some of your flowering plants could possibly be brought inside for the winter. Have you considered a living Christmas tree for this year? You should begin shopping now. Pick out the one you want and keep it in the yard until about a week before the big day.

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All those falling leaves do not need to be just a pain in the back. Put them to use. You will want to shred them up a bit before you throw them in a compost pile, but they make a great addition. If you throw them in whole they can mess up the whole composting process, but break them up when they are dry and mix them in and they will work great.

Now is a great time to add some manure or compost to your yard or garden. As always, especially with fertilizers, check with your local nursery first, but this will give it the fall and winter to settle into your soil and be ready for spring and well as strengthen through the cold.

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A personal recommendation is that you begin to prepare for winter guests. With the lack of color and plant activity, the winter is a great time to invite wildlife into your yard. Besides, if you don’t invite them, they may just show up and feast on something that you don’t want them to eat. Protect the plants that you don’t want touched by using screens and wires, but put out some food such as nuts and seeds to let everyone know where they are welcome.

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