Worx WG505 Trivac Review

If you are an enthusiast when it comes to keeping your yard maintained, then the WORX WG505 is an all in one solution when it comes to being a blower, vacuum and mulcher. This machine is so easy to use than you can handle it with only one hand. Due to the light weight, weight distribution and how compact it is, this is possible. The WORX WG505 is what will help you get your yard work done easier, faster and you are able to handle more than one job with this very useful machine.

worx-trivac-internalsWhen it comes to handling the autumn leaves, it can get pretty mundane when all you have is a rake. Any home owner would probably agree if you told them about the beef you had with this. With the WORX blower, vac and mulcher, leaves being a problem for you will be a thing of the past. Packing a strong 12-amp motor, this is an amazingly efficient alternative power tool compared to many others that are fueled by gasoline. Not only is this motor very effective, but unlike gasoline powered tools, the WORX WG505 will never give you downtime. Easily switch through the modes, even when using with a single hands. You also don’t ever have to worry about changing the tubes to switch between blower and vac modes.

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Vac mode is very suitable for when it comes to tidying up certain spots like under your deck, patio and furniture as well. You can get vacuum power of more than 14 gallons per minute, which is a lot of leaves and debris! The blower mode offers blowing speeds of 75 mph all the way up to 210 mph for amazing and bold power (on demand too!). This power is also amazing for getting those tougher spots and in corners too. The metal impeller is the fan that gives off these super fast blowing speeds and it provides you with a “16 to 1 mulch ratio”. What this means is that 16 bags of dry leaves is able to be vacuumed into only one bag once you are finished mulching.

worx wg505Cleaning with the WORX WG505 is super easy with the quick tube release technology. The dimensions of the blower, vac and mulcher machine is 20 x 15 x 9 inches and weighs a mere 11 pounds. There are not many other tools that offer the ease and versatility to switch between it’s jobs with the simple flick of a button. Because you will never need to power this machine with gasoline, that is an aspect where you will end up saving money. The 12-amp electric motor is adjustable to use on areas with delicate plants and to gather large amounts of leaves in no time.

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Being an owner of the WORX WG505 means that you’ll be getting a full two-year warranty so if anything happens to the machine within that time period, you will be covered. This innovative machine is simply a must have for any homeowner that loves to maintain their home. The WORX WG505 would also be great for any landscaping company to use for their clientele. If you are passionate about keeping a good looking yard and home, then what are you waiting for?

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Overview of the Worx WG505

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