7 Flea Control Tips, Nontoxic


Fleas are never welcome house guests. Whether they arrived by way of your pets, your guests, or as hitchhikers on your clothes or shoes, fleas can be a nuisance. They multiply quickly so it’s important to take action at the first sign of a flea. Following are some tips to de-flea your home, your pets and yourself – without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic sprays.

7 Nontoxic Flea Control Tips

  • Wash everything. Wash pet beds, any pet linens and your own linens if your pets spend any time on, in or near them. Fleas lay their eggs everywhere, so destroying their environment will greatly help to reduce the flea population in your home. Fleas drown in water so it’s important to wash all fabrics and upholstery early and often.
  • Bathe your pets. Bathe your pets regularly to help get rid of fleas. No special shampoo is needed – since fleas drown in water, a gentle, non-irritating pet shampoo will do the job.
  • Vacuum. Vacuum your carpets and rugs, especially around any pet beds. Vacuum or wash the pet beds or blankets as well to pick up fleas and flea eggs. Once you’re finished, be sure to empty and dispose of the vacuum bag immediately. For canister vacuums, empty and wash the canister.
  • Use a flea comb on your pets. This will comb out the fleas from their fur.
  • Stick it to ‘em. Use adhesive tape to catch any fleas you see, then stick the tape down on them so that they can’t jump away. You may want to take a roll of tape, tear off a few inches, and wind it, sticky-side up, around your wrist for a handy flea trapping device. When you’re through, dispose of the tape.
  • Try a lemon rinse. Mother Earth News reports that a lemon rinse on your pet’s skin is a natural way to help repel fleas on your pets. To make the rinse, toss slices from one lemon into a pint of very hot water. Allow the lemon to steep overnight, then remove the pulp by straining. Take the cooled lemon water and sponge it onto your pet’s skin, allowing it to air dry. Repeat the treatment daily for best results until conditions improve.
  • Talk to your vet about a flea prevention method for your pets. It might not help now, but a prevention method will help save you and your pets from future flea outbreaks.

Fleas can be a nuisance, but by taking just a few steps, you can eliminate them from your pets and your home easily and safely.

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