How to Give Your Bathroom a Deep Clean in 15-minute Segments


Bathrooms can be a haven of relaxation, however if mildew is growing, counters are overflowing, and hair and dust balls line the floor, the idea of lingering in this room is not appealing.

Even if the idea of a clean bathroom is appealing, the idea of a three or four-hour cleaning regiment might not be the motivation needed to complete the bathroom’s spring clean.

Instead of trying to complete the cleaning project in one day, spread the chore over several days in 15-minute segments.


Daily Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

The first day

  1. Clean out any drawers, cabinets, or closets in the bathroom area. Usually items are found that are unnecessary, outdated, or no longer used.
  2. Throw away or recycle any material, products, or linens that fit one of these categories.

The second day

  1. Take items off of the countertop and decide what should be kept, thrown out, or recycled.
  2. Try to store most items in the drawers, cabinets, or closet in order to eliminate the clutter.
  3. If it is too hard to get rid of everything off of the countertop, then purchase organizers to keep the clutter contained and eye-appealing.
  4. Don’t put anything back on the counters until the next day.
  5. Make a note of what is used the next morning to complete the morning rituals, and then use that as a way to make the final decision of what goes or stays.

The third day

  1. Clean mirrors from top to bottom, scrub countertops, sink(s) using an old toothbrush to clean around faucets and tight corners.
  2. Clean toilet inside and out paying special attention to bottom of bowl all the way to the floor.
  3. Clean bathtub, being careful to remove mildew from shower doors, walls, and corners.

The fourth day

  1. Wipe down outside of all cabinets.
  2. Use damp cloths to clean light fixtures, remove cobwebs from walls, and clean baseboards.
  3. Vacuum and mop floors.

The fifth day – Enjoy the sparkling clean bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

  • Mildewed shower curtains – These can be sprayed with a mildew remover, but usually it is better to simply replace the liner since these are fairly inexpensive.
  • Soap scum on shower doors – Orange Glo Cleaner sprayed onto a clean dry cotton rag works well to remove light soap scum build up. If there is a thick layer, then first use a soap scum remover spray with a no-scratch pad. After removing wipe with Orange Glo cleaner which will serve as a barrier between the shower doors and soap to help alleviate additional future build-up (use once a week for best results).
  • Prevent Mildew – Always use fan when taking a shower, leave shower doors open, and wipe down shower or bathtub after each shower.

Successful Completion

Depending on the size of the bathroom, this four-day cleaning schedule can be completed in about an hour, so this project could be completed in one day. However, for those who hate to clean, an hour of cleaning is not appealing, making it easy to procrastinate. For larger bathrooms, large closets, or lots of drawers and shelves, the 15-minute segments may have to be increased to accommodate the additional space.

However, using the four-day project schedule helps keep the load lighter and doesn’t seem as overwhelming. The shorter time frame makes it more likely that the job will be completed.

When planning the deep clean, it is important to look at the week’s schedule. If several evenings are already planned, then put it on the calendar so that meetings or events don’t interrupt the commitment to make the bathroom more user-friendly and germ-free.

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