2 Home Decor Crafts for a Romantic Living Room


Your living room is a special place, and this special place does not have to be boring. You can add a romantic theme to any living room with a few simple home décor crafts. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on several home décor crafts that will create a romantic living room.
Scented Centerpiece

The centerpiece in your living room will add a lot of atmosphere to this room; it is important to have a romantic centerpiece if you want to include a romantic ambience to your living room. For this craft you will need some essential oils in romantic scents such as rose, jasmine, and vanilla; you will also need a glass bowl, candles of various sizes, some fake roses, and Epsom salts.

Start this craft by pouring about a cup and a half of Epsom salts in the glass bowll, add a few drops of essential oils, and mix the slats around to evenly coat them. Next gently shake the bowl to even the salts out, and press the candles into the center of the bowl in a free spirited fashion. Finally remove the rosebuds from the stems and place them around the candles. This lovely centerpiece will add a romantic touch to your living room, and you can change the salts or add more oil when the scent needs a boost.

2 Home Decor Crafts to Remanence up your Living Room

Stencil Walls

A simple and fun way to make your living room more romantic is by stenciling something romantic on the wall. This may be a simple love quote, a rose border, or an intricate heart design; feel free to let your romantic nature be the guide when picking the stencil for this romantic home décor craft. For this craft you will need a stencil, waterproof paint, paper towels, a paper plate, stenciling brushes, and painter’s tape.

Start by gently taping your stencil top the wall and pour some paint onto a plate. Next dab your brush in the paint and dab it a couple more times onto the paper towel. When stenciling you want a light layer of couple and you want to work in a bouncing motion. Do not try to make brush strokes or use a lot of paint at once. This will lead to paint seeping under the stencil. Start at the outside edge of the stencil and dab up and down in a bouncing motion until you have colored the entire space. This romantic home décor craft is easy and fun to complete.

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Romantic Throw Blanket

A throw blanket can instantly add a romantic style to any living room, and it is an easy home décor craft. For this living room craft you will need fleece fabric in a romantic color such as dusty rose or burgundy. You will also need scissors, fabric glue, and some lace.

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Start by cutting the fleece a little bit bigger than the throw you would like to create. Next cut four inch slits into the entire side of two opposite sides of the blanket to create a pretty fringe. Next use your fabric glue to add a lace border to the sides of the throw. You can also use the fabric glue to add other details such as pearls, tiny ribbon roses, or ribbon. This simple no-sew throw blanket is guaranteed to add a romantic theme to your living room.There are many simple ways to make your living room more romantic, and I hope these home décor crafts have helped you add a little more romance to your living room.

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