5 Quick Fixes for Your Home’s Bathroom

Quick fix ideas instead of a full renovation


Your home’s bathroom, like the kitchen, gets a lot of use and, sometimes, this wear and tear begins to show. But, fear not: there are a number of things you can do today to refresh and update your bathroom. What’s more? These projects don’t have to break the bank.

Where to start? Check out these 5 quick fixes for your home’s bathroom.

Bathroom Quick Fix 1: Clean Tiles and Re-Grout. There’s nothing more awful than tiles and grout that look like they’ve seen better days. If you’re not in the market for new tiles, best to clean and re-grout the ones you have for a sensational look and style in your home’s bathroom. There are some affordable grouts and grout removal tools at Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store. Or, hire a handyman to do the job.

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Bathroom Quick Fix 2: Change the Rugs. Your bathroom rugs take a beating. Change the rugs at least once a year for a custom, high style look for your home’s bathroom. Are you addicted to white, tan or muted colors? Try bold and bright colored rugs for a brand new look for your home’s bathroom.

Bathroom Quick Fix 3: Replace Bathroom Hardware and Accessories. When you replace items like the tissue holder, towel bar, robe hooks, shelves, mirrors, soap dishes, hardware, and more, you can transform your bathroom from dull to delightfully elegant overnight. And, it won’t break the bank. Check out Restoration Hardware and Bed, Bath and Beyond, or shop online for deals and discounts on great bathroom hardware and accessories.

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Bathroom Quick Fix 4: Install a Rain Shower Head. Shower heads get old and dated fast. They also begin to clog up with heavy use. If you want an elegant shower experience, try a rain shower head. This will really make a difference in your daily routine and, despite what you may think about water usage, won’t break the bank. Invest in brand name shower heads to make sure hardware and parts hold up to your bathroom’s heavy heavy traffic. Buy direct from Shower Buddy or Kohler for a new look and high style at a discount price.

Bathroom Quick Fix 5: Buy Luxurious Spa Towels. There’s nothing like plush, 100% cotton spa towels to make your bathroom experience a five-star event. Top brands, like Abyss, Fieldcrest, Peacock Alley, Matouk, Pinzon, among others, can be found for a fraction of the price at major retail stores like Target or discount outlets like TJ Maxx. Shop online for deals, discounts and manufacturer seconds on luxury bath towels.





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