Bedroom Makeover Ideas for People on a Budget


People can always spruce up an old bedroom for less, by using a little bit of ingenuity, creativity, and some vision. Renovating can make an old bedroom look as good as new, or even better!

A person does not have to spend a lot of money to make an exciting change. There are many ways a person can redecorate his/her bedroom for less! Ideas can be obtained by watching shows on television, talking to friends or reading magazines.

Here are some tips to make any bedroom look fabulous on a budget:


Splash the walls with colors

Repaint the walls. This simply gives your bedroom walls a new face lift! It will lighten up, and completely renew the look of any bedroom! This is a great chance to add some spice to your old, dull, and boring bedroom. Choose your favorite color to add warmth to the bedroom. But if you want to go crazy, you can pick wild colors and create your very own artwork on your walls. This is a great way to add a personal touch to a bedroom. It also will showcase your personality.

Make old furniture look as good as new

Re-upholster old furniture. It’s amazing the difference this makes in the overall look of a bedroom. Individuals don’t have to spend a lot of money on new furniture either. They can as easily restyle their old furniture using unique fabrics, paints, etc.

Just let their imagination run wild! The best thing is that they totally control the finished appearance of their furniture, since they decide what will be done to refurbish the furniture.

Accessorize the bedroom

Strategically place some decorative scented candles around the bedroom to give the room an elegant look. They exude a sense of tranquility once they are lit.

Another great idea is to hang artwork on the walls. It does not have to be expensive, as inexpensive pieces of good quality are readily available. Select reproductions, or photographs! Even better, if they are adept at art, use some of their own creations and make the walls into their very own personal gallery.

Go hunting at a second hand store

Numerous treasures can be found in second hand stores! You can purchase second hand furniture as well as decorative lamps, antique mirrors, etc. for bargain prices at these stores

Garage sales are also great places to unearth hidden treasures. Just drive around the block or watch the newspaper to see if there is anyone who is hosting a garage sale in your area.

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Develop a theme for your bedroom

A great way to give a bedroom a fun and exciting look is to use a totally different theme. If you want to go with a Bohemian look for your bedroom, you just build around this theme by picking up things that will suit this motif. Also, try digging through old chests in the attic for items that would compliment the new style of your bedroom.

Decorate your Bed

Purchase new bedspreads and pillows that will compliment the new style of your room. Pay a visit to the linen department of any mall: browse through their selection of beautiful sheets, bed skirts, comforters, and pillows.

Make the bed! It makes a world of difference; learn how to here

The bedroom is a person’s sanctuary: that is why it is important that it offers comfort. After a hard day’s work, people just want to lie down in bed, relax, and forget about the day that has just passed. Their beds should offer them maximum comfort so that they are rejuvenated for the next day. The condition of the bed is of utmost importance – it is the most essential part of any bedroom makeover!

Renovating a bedroom does not have to cost you a fortune! Just making key changes will make a world of a difference. Those who are on an extremely tight budget do not have to redecorate their bedroom all at once; they can make improvements as their finances allow.

Giving a bedroom a much needed makeover can be an exciting and challenging activity. It can give people just the right boost they need to start their day out right.

Let’s face it, who wants to wake up to a messy and/or dreadful looking bedroom? By renovating their bedroom individuals can give themselves that much needed change of environment that will help brighten their day!

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