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Best Gas Pressure Washer under $300


Pressure washers are used to clean almost everything from driveways, patios, decks and deck furniture, cars, boats and more. The powerful water pressure is capable of removing mold, dirt, grime, stubborn stains, grease and some can literally strip paint too. The main types are powered by gas, electricity and hydraulics. Gas pressure washers are more powerful than the electric versions, but the latter is more convenient and light weight for usage as well as storage.

Cleaning with water jet cleaning machines have become a basic routine to some home owners. They use less water than the garden hose, minimal additional electricity or minimal gasoline. Those who used to do a lot of scrubbing find it a bliss to eliminate almost all scrubbing chores. And half the time, users do not even need the recommended chemical agents.

Understanding PSI for your Pressure Washer

clean a stone deck with a pressure washerThere is always a nudging question as to how much water pressure is enough for home cleaning. Gas pressure washers range from 2,000 to 4,000 PSI or pounds per square inch, at about 2.5 GPM or gallons of water flow per minute, while the electric versions vary from 1,300 to 1,800 PSI, at about 1.4 GPM. And to give you a benchmark of how much pressure is enough, about 1,800 PSI is sufficient to cause damage to wood and even cut deep into human flesh.

There are basically two types of pressure washers and each is classified on the basis of its source of power. They are;

  1. Electric pressure washers
  2. Gas Pressure washers

Gas power washers are so named, simply because their source of power are gas engines while electric washers have electricity as their power source.

Basic differences between Gas and Electric Power Washers

Gas versions look somewhat like a gasoline powered lawn mower but with a water pump instead of the mower blades. They are more powerful and very mobile since they run on gasoline and are not limited by home electricity and the length of the extension cords. By their sheer power, they could literally become dangerous to the users. And as they burn gasoline, they cannot be used indoors or in badly ventilated environments. They are also noisy and should often be used with hearing protection.

The electric versions on the other hand are handy contraptions, easily kept in storage, low maintenance, comparatively quiet, and lightweight, as well as versatile for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. For those who are doing light, infrequent cleaning, you might prefer its rather limited power.

wood can be pressure washedListed below are a few other differences between an electric power washer and a gas power washer;

  1. Electric washers provide less in terms of PSI (Pressure per square inch) compared to gas washers. The PSI of a washer is the force resulting from one pound applied over an area of one square inch. It isn’t rare to see among these washers that the maximum PSI of an electric unit is the least for certain gas units.
  2. Electric pressure washers for not require so much in terms of maintenance. Basic cleaning of the machine will be just fine but the gas powered machines require considerable effort in terms of maintenance, you will have to get conversant with changing of spark plugs and oil etc.
  3. Electric pressure washers have restrictions imposed on them by reason of the length of the electric chords that comes with them. This length can always be increased with the use of extension plugs. With gas washers however there aren’t any such limitations but you will have to deal with the emission of carbon monoxide from them.
  4. Electric units do not emit carbon monoxide gases, which is a poisonous and harmful to human health. on the other hand, gas washers produce these gases and hence should not be used in poorly ventilated environments.
  5. The electric units are usually less expensive than the gas powered units. This I believe has to do with the quality of materials with which the two types of units are built. There are electric washers that cost about $80, but then, the bulk of the build could be of plastic, which could have its effect on the durability of the unit. Gas powered units however, mostly have metallic frames and engines which are somewhat more durable.

Whichever pressure washers you end up choosing, your choice should meet your cleaning needs. If you choose gas pressure washers, the main reasons would be power while the electric versions would be versatility.

Let’s take a look at a few different pressure washers


Best Gas Pressure Washer Under $300 – Economic model

Best gas pressure washer under $300Karcher G2200 Performance Series Gas Power Pressure Washer, 2200 PSI, 2.0 GPM

Karcher’s G 2200 pressure washer provides the right amount of washing power for most general household jobs in a lightweight, easy to use and effective machine. The foldable handle allows convenient and lightweight storage. Five pro-style quick connect misting nozzles provide effective apply styles for all washing tasks around the home. The Karcher Promises to make your surroundings cleaner and accomplish it easier by being quicker to use.

  • It has the performance driven Karcher KPS 159cc engine and axial cam drive with a metal head.
  • It can fold-up for lightweight storage.
  • It has extremely useful flat-free wheels never require inflating.
  • It comes with 4 Pro-style fast link nozzles (0°, 25°, 40°, 65°/detergent). It’s Upright design with small storage space footprint make it among the world’s best-selling brand of pressure washers.

Karcher’s G 2200 gas power washer provides the right amount of cleaning power for most tasks around the house. The four included pro-style quick-connect spray tips provide the tools to remove persistent, stuck-on spots quickly. Other features include a foldable handle for lightweight storage, flat-free wheels and an axial cam drive with metal head. It is backed by a 3 season motor guarantee and a 2 season push assurance to make sure you use it for the long run without any hassle.


Best Gas Pressure Washer

Best gas pressure washerGenerac 6923 3,100 PSI, 2.4 GPM, Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Generac gas powered pressure washer give you washing energy, stability and above all ease of use in an affordable little package. It is a compact unit you can use to fresh up everything from furniture to driveways and patios. The user-friendly design makes it simple to set up, connect lines, and move around easily regardless of the landscape.

  • It has a powerful horizontal axial cam pump providing 3100-PSI for tough cleaning jibs.
  • It has an ergonomic handle gun with support grip handle and easy-to-pull trigger, which decreases exhaustion and expands use.
  • It has a very convenient onboard 1/2 Gal. soap tank for easy cleaning solution use, without having to calculate mixes.
  • It’s Generac 196cc OHV engine provides one of the highest possible washing performances.
  • It’s 25 ft. underhand mount hose joins the handle to the rear of the unit for optimum convenience while using.
  • It is ideal for high-quality home cleaning tasks such as deck cleaning and painting prep.
  • It includes 4 quick-change misting nozzle tips: 0 Level, 25 Level, 40 Level, and soap. You can choose the best misting nozzle that fits your power washer needs.

Try this today to avoid manual labor of cleaning in your life and get surrounded by the cleanest environment.



Best Electric Pressure Washer Under $300 – economic model

Best electric pressure washer under $300Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

Power, performance, and flexibility – the Pressure Joe Electric Pressure Washer from Sun Joe provides it all to deal with a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, RVs, automobiles, boats, yard ornaments, drive-ways, decks, garden tools, and more. Ideally, switch between different soaps with its detergent selection switch and boost away all sorts of dirt.

  • It’s 34 in. expansion magic wand and rear tires provide easy ability to move and access to hard-to-reach areas, such as 2-story structures and the undersides of automobiles and garden tools.
  • It’s powerful 14.5 Amp/1800-Watt motor produces up to 2030 psi/1.76 GPM for maximum washing power.
  • It comes with 5 quick-connect apply misting nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40 levels and soap) which are interchangeable to quickly go from high-pressure, 0-degree pencil-point apply to a low-pressure, 40-degree fan apply or apply detergent to washing surface with the dedicated detergent nozzle.
  • It Includes 20 ft. high-pressure hose, 35 ft. cable and hose adaptor.
  • It has GFCI cable protection, CSA approved, backed by full 2-year warranty.

It removes tar and oil from areas, large mold spots, oil spots, corrosion from metal, caked mud on devices and other persistent substance and grime. It’s versatile design provides light, medium, and difficult washing tasks.


Best electric Pressure Washer

Best electric pressure washerStanley SLP2050 2050 psi 2-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer

The Stanley SLP 2050 2-In-1 is the most flexible and impressive electric pressure washer to make to get any outside cleaning job done right.

Use it in the mobile cart with high-quality strong wheels making it simple to move it securely from venture to venture. Remove the unit from the trolley and it becomes an ultimate portable cleaning solution you can use anywhere where there is a hose with water and an electrical outlet.

Turning the unit on / off is really easy with the push button start.

Cleaning energy comes from a proven worldwide motor and tri-axial power washer pump providing 2,050 PSI of flexible cleaning energy you can use to quickly skyrocket dirt, mold, moss, and dirt to reveal a fresh look.

This is the best electric pressure washer to clear wood areas like patios, house siding and fencing fresh to look new again with no need to sand, hand scrub, or paint. Safe to use on stone and stucco areas. Pressure cleaning cars, vehicles, motorbikes, RVs, ATVs, and bikes happens in minutes. Finally don’t forget furniture, trash containers, pet crates, lawnmowers, outside equipment and much more. Like all reliable Stanley products this electric pressure washer has a 2-year guarantee.


Pressure Washer Safety Tips

Pressure washers are much more powerful than regular hoses and take care of difficult jobs, requiring less time than using a normal flow of water. On occasion, they include hot water and steam options, which eliminate any kind of stains in a very convenient manner. Due to their high power, there are of course certain risks involved when using them, and one needs to be aware in order to prevent accidents from happening, as well as to prevent damage to the surfaces you want to clean.

Checking your washer for faults

It’s very important to make sure the parts in your washer have not suffered any damage such as tearing, as running it with faults is likely to cause long term problems. If a part is damaged, it must be replaced before using the appliance. When using a fuel such as gas or petrol, it is also imperative to check that there is still an adequate amount left, as turning your pressure washer on without enough fuel in it can damage or even destroy it.

Using pressure washers on wood and outdoor furniture

Whereas washers can on occasion be used on wooden surfaces such as decking, sheds or log houses, as well as on garden furniture, one must be careful not to prolong this use and also adjust the power whenever possible. Excessive pressure is likely to damage the finish applied to the wood, such as lacquer, paint or treating solutions which enhance the durability of the wood.

Gas pressure washers and air contamination

The reason why gas pressure washers have decreased in popularity relates to the risk of releasing carbon monoxide, which is extremely toxic and can become lethal in certain quantities. Carbon monoxide is odourless and therefore very difficult to detect in good time to prevent serious damage. If you own a gas pressure washer, it is advisable not to use it indoors as carbon monoxide can accumulate in enclosed spaces.

Hot water and steam cleaning options

Hot water washers and those offering the ability to alternate cold and hot water are extremely useful for eliminating tough stains such as oil, which cold water cannot complete successfully. Whilst they are very useful and offer high performance, they must be handled responsibly and with increased care to avoid injury. Some pressure washers include a steam cleaning option as well, which can cause serious scalding if handled inadequately. Cold water washers are dangerous as well due to the high pressure applied. Users should make sure to keep such equipment well out of the reach of children.

Keeping your appliance away from fire sources

Especially when using a gas or petrol washer, make sure to avoid exposing it to sources of open fire, even cigarettes, to avoid any possibility of an accident.

Avoiding electricity-related accidents

Obviously, an electric power washer should not be used in unsuitable weather, such as rain. In addition to that, regardless of the type of pressure washer used, one should make sure never to point the flow of water towards electric appliances or sources of electricity.

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