Easy Edible Landscaping and Border Gardening


Many types of plants can be used easily for pretty, edible landscaping. Some varieties of plants are used more often because they have decorative foliage and colorful flowers, many of which can be eaten.

12 Favorite Plants Used for Edible Landscaping

  • the broad leaves of cabbage add a nice accent, like hostas
    Purple Cabbage The colorful leaves make a nice border and grows well in full sun to some shade.

    Cherry Tomatoes Tall, good background plant and a splash of red color

  • Strawberries Multi-season uses. The plant is a great ground cover from spring to fall. Fruit in the spring is colorful. Pairs well with curly parley and asparagus.
  • Curly Parsley Easy to grow (almost too easy, can be invasive)
  • Kale Hardy and delicious, kale is wonderful cooked in soups and other dishes. Pairs well in a landscape with dusty millers and dianthus flowers
  • Dianthus According to the University of Vermont, Department of Plant and Soil Science, dianthus (carnations or pinks as they are sometimes called) are perennials that are also grown as annuals. People enjoy them for their spicy flavor and liken them to cloves. The variety D. caryophyllus is a favorite flavor. The Department of Plant and Soil Science recommends that the white-colored base of the petal of dianthus be removed because it is bitter.
  • Daylilies Day Lily or Daylily is a tall perennial that is available in many different colors. People liken the flavor of the blossoms to asparagus and zucchini.
  • English Chamomile is a perennial that grows best in moist soil and full sun. The little daisy flowers are sweet, with an apple taste. However, people who are allergic to ragweed tend to also be allergic to chamomile.
  • Dandelions Maybe you don’t want to plant a lot of this wild weed, but cultivated properly, the flowers taste sweet when young (but bitter when older). The obvious problem with dandelions is their invasive nature, so carefully planting and monitoring in small groups is pretty. Never eat dandelions that have been sprayed with weed killer. Dandelion leaves are full of vitamins and potassium. The best leaves are those that are picked before any flower emerges. They can be eaten raw, steamed and sauteed. The flowers can be used to make a delicious wine.
  • Dill Prolific and self-seeding, once dill is planted it continues to come back each year. Pairs well with tomatoes. The stalks get tall, so plant in groups in back or along fences. Trim as needed.
  • Chives Grow easily. Pretty, tall and spiky, chives work well in pots or in borders.
  • Basil Famous for a main ingredient in pesto, basil is delicious eaten raw and paired with tomatoes.

Edible Landscaping Fences

Taller plants work great as natural fences and hedges. Train gooseberry, raspberry and grapevines to grow along fences. Pair with dwarf fruit trees in large areas.

Edible gardens, borders and landscapes can be used just about anywhere, in raised beds, along sidewalks and borders, in full-sized gardens and in containers and window boxes too. To keep an edible garden year round, consider building a simple home greenhouse.

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