Most eco-friendly lawn mowers


So, you want to be more environmentally friendly? Ever think about the fact that your gas lawn mower generates carbon monoxide and your electric lawn mower requires carbon to be generated in the creation of electricity. What if you could mow your lawn without generating any carbon footprint and get exercise at the same time? Old school push reel mowers are the answer for eco friendly lawn mowers.

Yes, whether you call them push reel mowers , push mowers, old fashioned mowers, or just manual mowers, they are making a big comeback for the eco conscience home owner.

Consider some of the benefits push reel mowers provide.

They’re Green. Gas powered lawn mowers are a major contributor to emissions. The engines on most gas mowers are very basic and contribute to pollution. Once a push reel mower is manufactured, the pollution it produces is gone. Push reel mowers provide clean pollution free mowing. (they also produce low noise pollution)

They’re Economical. I never thought mowing my lawn was an expensive task, until gas hit $4 a gallon. I used to be able to fill my gas can with pocket change, now I use my credit card. Push reel mowers run on a renewable resource, you! Push reel mowers are available under $100 and need very little maintenance and always start on the firs pull or, push if you will.

They give a free workout. We have spent so many years trying to make things easier for ourselves that we now have it to easy and have to pay to get a good work out. Push reel mowers will give you a nice low impact work out at your own pace.

Your lawn will love it. A good sharp reel mower will leave your lawn in beautiful shape. If you wear your old steel golf spikes, you will can aerate your lawn at the same. Speaking of golf, many golf courses use a form of a reel mower to keep their grass in top shape.

Below are 5 areas where a reel mower is not the best solution for everyone

  1. Yard Size. Most push reel mowers can cover up to 2500 square feet without too much trouble. If your yard is much larger than that, you may want to consider a powered mower, and perhaps even one that’s self-propelled or a riding mower.
  2. How often You Mow. If you mow less than once every 2 weeks, then your lawn will be taller than what’s manageable with a reel mower; especially in the late-Spring and early-Summer time. Most reel mowers can handle up to 2″ fairly well; some can even handle as high as 3″ or more. If you routinely wait until your grass is higher than 2″ you could be making more work for yourself with a push reel mower.
  3. Yard layout. If your yard is on a hilly terrain then it’s even more work to go back up the hill on each pass. One way to mitigate this layout would be to cut horizontally instead of vertically, so you don’t have to go up the hill each time, just across it.
  4. Trees. If you have trees in your yard whose branches cover most of the yard, you may have quite a few fallen twigs, sticks and branches to contend with. That would mean adding the extra work of picking up as many sticks as possible before you begin cutting. Whereas powered mowers can cut through most twigs and small sticks easily; those items will quickly stop a reel mower in it’s tracks. Which would add to the total cutting time because you would have to clean the debris from the blades each time they got stuck.
  5. Weather conditions. If your grass is wet, it will make cutting a bit more difficult. Depending on just how wet the lawn is, the wheels could simply slide across the grass which would not allow the blades to rotate properly.
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Still searching for the most friendly eco-friendly lawn mowers? Check out our recommendations below:


GreenWorks 25052 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower

We’ll say it again – our whole production will never launch ounces of carbon as exhaust into the air. 4 Season Assurance – Dual Conventional. When looking for garden resources, we know you’re considering about high quality. You’re looking for something that will get the job done and get you returning to relaxing on the weekends. That’s why GreenWorks supports every device with a full four-year warranty – we know our items carry out at the biggest level and will always be efficient. GreenWorks the best high quality goods are produced to last. That’s why we back again our products with a guarantee that’s twice the industry standard. We’ll provide all the power you need without damaging the air or pushing you to keep transporting your gas can to the closest place (especially in the middle of a job). No more tune-ups or servicing. No more pollutants. Fifty-four thousand People in the U.S. mow their lawn every weekend, according to the EPA, using 800 thousand gallons of gas annually. Along the way, property owners leak more than 17 thousand gallons of gas while refueling. That’s equal to the 1989 Exxon Valdez catastrophe. You are going to shift beyond awkward, dangerous gas-powered lawnmowers. It’s here we are at GreenWorks to be your garden resources for life.


American Lawn Mower 1304-14 14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

American Lawnmowers reel mowers offer real advantages. All it takes to start a reel mower is a little manual force. There’s no cable to pull. No key to remember. No engine also indicates low maintenance. No gas, oil or ignition connects to blunder with. No running to the gas station or shop to get supplies or parts. This American reel lawn mower is simple and ready to operate when you are. You push, it cuts. Whenever.

American reel lawnmowers don’t have engines which indicates they don’t produce pollutants or create disturbance. Just the clean, silent cut of the reel mower. Mow your lawn without disrupting the serenity in the area. The only sound a reel mower will create is a fulfilling silent cut as the mower reduces the height of lawn. American lawnmowers are light and portable and simple to advance. Due to do convenience of reel lawnmowers they perform every efforts and are simple to service. Pushing a reel mower is a healthy solution for you and your lawn.


  • 14-inch cutting size,;
  • 5 knife reel, with heat treated blades to stay sharp longer;
  • durable 10-inch blend wheels;
  • Height flexible from 1-inch to 1-3/4-inch;
  • Lightweight and simple to maneuver .


Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

This traditional Scotts push reel lawn mower gives you the fuel savings of a manual mower and the extensive cutting dimensions of a powered mower. Its unique back wheel design helps move and improve ability to maneuver in tight spots.

  • Drive Force, Engine None,
  • Cutting Size in. 1-3,
  • Knife Type 5-blade, 5-spider football shaped reel with full bearing movement,
  • Rear Wheel Size in. 6 wheels,
  • Cutting Width in. 20, Dimensions L x W x H in. 28 x 18 x 11,
  • Front Wheel Size 20in
  • Rear Wheel Size. 9in.
  • 9-position QuickSnap height adjusters for easy-to-use reducing options


Cutting dimension comes close to a powered mower along with 1in.-3in. height range, which is unheard of in other push reel mowers

5-blade football bearing reel has the optimal number of rotor blades for simplicity of use and superior reducing.

Resilient heat-treated rotor blades Welded reel bonnet defends low plants and vegetation. Comfortable cycle handle with foam grip

This unit is Light, maneuverable, economical. The Scotts 2000-20 Classic push reel lawn mower manages dense yards without difficulty and provides a quiet, pollution-free solution for any lawn. The mower’s double monitoring wheels and ultra-sharp steel rotor blades make easy, accurate cutting and efficient function. Powered by you, the mower has an extensive cutting path for a push reel mower and quick-snap height adjusters that keep you in complete control of your lawn height.

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