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Free Vintage Knitting Patterns

Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Nothing is better than a knitted baby blanket, it makes a treasured possession for life, often if well made it can be passed down in a family. Use these free knitting patterns to make a quality knitted blanket, that can become a family heirloom.

Basic Baby Blanket

Scalloped Baby Blanket


Sweater Knitting Patterns

You can use these free knitting patterns to make a knit sweater for yourself to keep your little one warm in the cold months, or to give as a heartwarming, homemade knitted gift for a friend or family member’s baby.

Pullover Sweater with Humpty Dumpty or Rocking Horse Pattern

Basic Sweater

Sweater with Berry Pattern

Pullover Sweater with Square Pattern

Fisherman Knit Sweater or Cardigan

Sweater with Hearts

Peter Pan Wendy Sweater

Double Knit Sweater, Cardigan, and Hat

Crossover Pattern Pullover Sweater

Double Knit Sweater or Cardigan

Peter Pan Sweater, Pants, and Socks


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Cardigan Knitting Patterns

A baby in a cardigan is just adorable! Use these free knitting patterns to make an adorable knit cardigan.

Double Knit Cardigan

Lightweight Spring Cardigan

Cardigan and hat combo

Double Breasted Cardigan

Cardigan with Chevron Pattern

Cardigan with knot pattern on shoulders

Cardigan with Hearts

Cardigan with Ruffled Sleeves

V-neck Cardigan

Flower Patterned Cardigan

Cardigan with Patterned Collar

Cardigan with Ribbed Top

V Neck Cardigan and booties

Crossover Pattern Cardigan


Dress Knitting Patterns

A knit dress is not to be used as a knitting pattern for beginners, but once you have learned how to knit, feel free to tackle these knitting patterns.

Dress with Heart

Dress with Ribbed Top

Crossover Pattern Dress

Christening Dress


Rompers, Jumpers, and Assorted Clothes Knitting Patterns

The free knitting patterns here include add on items, like baby hat knitting patterns, which are a huge benefit when taking your little one outside in the cool months.

Crossover Pattern Top and Pants

Dungarees with V Pattern


Double Knit Suit and Hat

Romper with Heart

Double Knit Peter Pan Wendy Pram Set

Jumper with Hat

Double Knit Romper Set

Double Knit Boys Pram Set


Jacket Knitting Patterns

These patterns include great outer wear, including cute knit booties and hats.

Heavyweight Patterned Jacket

Matinee Coat and Booties

Peter Pan Hoodie Jacket

Hayfield Quick Knit Coats

Peter Pan Hooded Jacket and Pants

Peter Pan Matinee Jacket and Bonnet

Peter Pan Matinee Coat and Bonnet

Peter Pan Matinee Jacket, Bonnet, and Shawl

Beehive lace Jacket

Mother Daughter matching Jacket

Emu brand Jacket



A cushion knitting pattern for an adorable knitted cushion for a baby crib, makes a great homemade present.

Heart Cushions

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