Inspiration and Imagination In the Kitchen


Kitchen decorating is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand you want the space to be attractive and inspiring, but on the other hand the basic reason for a kitchen to exist is functionality. This is complicated by the fact that cooking is an art, and so the appearance of the room can actually have an effect on how much passion the chef puts into their creation.

Kitchen Decorating Strategies

bright blue modern kitchenIn general you will want to leave all vertical surface areas free in the kitchen. These areas such as tables, counters, and island tops, are where most of the work of the space will get done. Luckily this still leaves you with a huge canvas to work with; the walls. There you will be able to get as creative as you want with your decorative attempts.

In kitchen decorating, the items you choose to decorate your walls with will determine the style of the space. Some people choose to use wrought iron pieces to give the room a rustic or even industrial look. Some people prefer a softer look, with heartwarming signs and family pictures adorning the walls.

Kitchen Decor

When choosing decorative wall pieces for a kitchen it is important to bear in mind that the space does tend to get rather hot. This can cause paper items such as posters or photos, and even cloth hangings to distort or discolor. The kitchen is also notorious for spills and spurts of nasty staining agents, such as sauces and juice. While you may not get a mess every day, over time something could happen which may threaten the perfection of your decorative items. For this reason many people choose durable and easy to clean items when populating the space.

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Kitchen Socialization

a classic country kitchen designAnother important consideration when decorating a kitchen is family and friends. While some people might prefer to concentrate in isolation, the kitchen can actually be a really wonderful place to socialize, and bring people together. You can encourage this by making the room accessible. You should make certain that there are plenty of chairs and places for people to sit and chat with one another. Adding entertainment items such as televisions, stereos, and even novelty items will act as a draw pulling people into the room.

An outdoor kitchen naturally lends itself to socialization. This is usually a secondary kitchen which is built in an outdoor area, for barbecuing and preparing meals outdoors. The open nature of the space makes it easy for people to move in and out, and interact with one another in a shared cooking experience.

One important thing to bear in mind when decorating a kitchen is that the chef has to feel comfortable in the space. Everybody is different, and taste will vary from person to person. If someone else decorates the space for you, chances are it wont align perfectly with the harmony in your own soul. In order to avoid this the chef should always be intimately involved with any decorative choices made in this area.

Kitchen Colors

As far as color, the kitchen has some fairly specific principles that you should adhere to. For one thing blue tones tend to repress appetite, and make people less active. This can cause a chef to be uninspired when used in a kitchen. However if the cook is a heavy snacker, a little blue can actually help cut down on the calories.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum you have warmer colors such as red, and orange. These tones actually tend to incite hunger, and can be a great way to add a little inspiration to the room. However they also add heat to a space, and in the kitchen things can already get pretty hot. If you do decide to use this colors in a kitchen you should use them sparingly, with small hints and tones spread throughout.

Decorating your kitchen is a delicate balancing act between function, beauty, and community. The style that you add to the space will affect not only how people feel within the room, but also how you feel while you are cooking, which can either have a positive or a negative effect on the food that you end up preparing.

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