How to Landscape in Windy Conditions


Whether you are putting in a few shrubs or designing an entire estate, knowing how to landscape in windy conditions will save you a lot of time and frustration.

First, consider what you are planting or bringing into the area. Will it stand up to the force of the wind or will you be forever chasing it? Will the flowers be blown away before you can enjoy them? Will the decorative curtains be found in your neighbor’s pool? Make sure the plants and decor you are using are made to stand against the wind.

Next, prepare for the wind. Try to block off small areas at a time to work in and be careful to hang plastic barriers when landscaping dusty areas in windy conditions. Sheets of grit will fly over everything and keep the plants from taking in needed rain water and nutrients. When placing seedlings, leave the barriers in place for one week to allow them time to take root before the wind has full access. Also, secure your materials. You do not want to be chasing them, nor pay for any damage they may do while being blown around.

Erosion is not your friend. Try to use deep-rooting plants and stone wall supports for the prevention of erosion by high or constant winds. The deeper your items can be placed into the ground, the longer they will stay where you put them.

Be safe. Wear goggles and all of the required safety equipment. High winds mean debris flying through the air and the right gear may even save your life while landscaping in windy conditions. Try to keep your eyes and ears open to what is going on around you and watch for things that might be coming your way. Remember to duck.

Doing outdoor work in high or heavy winds can be dangerous and frustrating but knowing how to landscape in windy conditions will make it easier for you to produce the masterpiece you have planned.

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