Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Tools Guide

Good tools are half the job. Proper maintenance of your equipment extends the life, works nicely and is another fine for your garden. For example, sharp trimming shears cause less damage to your plants.

Basic Maintenance Tips


Proper maintenance starts with smart storage of your tools and equipment. Slinging tool or tools which can be quickly damaged on the floor causes your tools to quickly become useless. Hang them on the wall or in a special cabinet in a shed or corner of the garage. Prevent rust and make sure your belongings are dry before you put them up.


Always clean tools after use. Brush the earth of your shovel, hoe, rake and garden trowel. Rinse or wipe with a damp cloth and make sure it is dry before storing it. Possibly bring you some metal oil with a soft cloth. Wooden steal you treat a few times a year with linseed oil.

Trimming and cutting tools: clean thoroughly

Cutting tools can transmit diseases from one plant to another. To prevent you clean after each use blades with detergent and benzene. Then apply with a soft cloth which metal oil and spray a little WD40 on any moving parts and pivot points.

Removing rust

Despite keeping good cleaning and drying can occur anyway in your tool rust over time. You remove it easily with some sandpaper. Another good rust removal tip is to clean your tools with a good oil, I personally prefer 3-1.

Keep it sharp

Trimming shears, shovels, hoes and axes have to be sharp, you work with it the easiest. Regular grind can you do with a whetstone or axe file. Or let it do when one of our stores that offer a sharpening service for garden tools. Look here or can with your shopping. Tip: Cut your secateurs never thick branches, you squeeze the scissors broken ..

Maintenance of garden equipment

Regularly check your lawnmower , electric hedge trimmer, grass trimmer and other machines for bent or damaged parts. Even minor damage or cracks can be dangerous. Key prefer not to and let your garden machine serviced annually by a professional. In many of our stores we repair or maintain happy for your machines. Look here what stores offer this service.

Trimming Tools

Good tools are half the job, trimming therefore with the right tools. Your basis is a good trimmer. For hedges and shrubs, you need a hedge trimmer. For specific or heavy trimming shears or special motorized trimming and cutting tools.

Trimming Shears

Use trimming shears for trimming of plants, removing light branches and dead wood.


There are two types of trimming shears. The first type works like scissors which move both blades. At anvil model moves only the upper knife and cut perpendicular to a small anvil. Use the other model for trimming of old and dead wood, for light trimming.


Try different trimming shears in the store. You can choose between left or right handed, different sizes, simple or technically advanced power-saving example, or with a revolving handle. Buy the scissors good in the hand.

Trimming knife

A trimming knife is razor sharp Tools for Professionals. With a trimming knife cut your smooth off the bark and remove rotting wood or take a cutting.

Other Lawn Care Equipment

Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a large pair of scissors to cut your hedges, heather, lavender and shrubs. Remove there are also long shoots of trees with it. The crowds keep branches adopt better with a wave cut. There is often a notch plane to cut through thicker branches to the pivot point.


A shrub shear is a small scissors and specially designed to cut boxwood borders. They are battery as hand shears for sale. Because of the short blade length shrub shears are very suitable to cut boxwood plants or shrubs in shape. Use in many trimming a shrub shears with battery.


Loppers are large, have two long handles and are controlled with two hands. Cut it thick, medium branches and old wood with. There are also types with extendable, adjustable handles. Due to the large leverage you practice much force. Use a telescopic loppers for high and hard to reach places.


A topschaar is a long, extendable stick with scissors to it, which you prune without stairs high. The shears are controlled with a wire. Often there to stick a lopper be confirmed.

Trimming or tree cutting saw

A good trimming or tree saw has a curved blade sawing at pulling motion. There are also collapsible models and buy a telescopic handle. If you remove branches at height or distance. In addition, there hacksaws for heavy work, this saw can even trees. An ordinary wood saw crashes in wet, green wood.

Personal Protection Equipment

Always wear safety gloves. There are also moisture resistant gloves with rubber coating. Use stairs and ladders only if they stand firm and stable, bind them at the top if you prune trees.

Learn more about Personal Protection Equipment in this post


Trimming at height

Trimming on a ladder does not really scream safety. Instead, use an extendable trimmer and keep both feet on the ground. Use Wolf Steel Vario, extendable to four meters and then there is a very easy tree shears on. This scissors can cut branches up to a thickness of 38 millimetres. Or click a cutting branches on the Vario Steel. The branches saw has special teeth that pull you even thick branches is small with little effort.


Good tools for good lawn care

In the spring and summer growing desirable and undesirable growth occurs. Taking proper prevention is better than trying to correct problems. Prevent weeds growing through regular hoeing and / or rakes. So you maintain the desired image of your garden. Rake with a leaf rake everything in a heap and throw the trash away. Use spades and forks for all jobs in your garden. Of light work, such as the toss of flower beds to heavier work such as digging up a tree. Make sure you are well prepared to work, because right tools for the job.

Metal handles

Grab the toughest jobs effortlessly with our tools. Sustainable features are further enhanced by the hardened steel is forged in a Dutch forge.

Hardened steel is a superior type of steel with a long service life. You get ten year warranty. All steel parts of garden tools are made of hardened steel.

extra strong

You’ll find all the usual tools in various ranges. Each piece of craft quality and where possible provide clever extras. As the latter is unbreakable and therefore ideal for great garden tasks. This is extra strong, because the steel part by running a piece on the wooden handle. The hoe and the edger are forged and therefore razor sharp.

convenient click system

Turn the handle of the handy combination systems different tool heads. Easily interchangeable tools with large soft plastic screw CombiSystem Gardena. Which provides for every job in the garden properly handle and tool combination. Wolf Multi-Star system with well over 80 different tool heads. Substitution with this snap-in an instant tool. The original Multi-Star connection ensures that each tool head in a stable click sits on the stem.




Equalize and make the soil loose with a rake or rake weeds and garden waste together. The rake is suitable for all soil types.

Grass Rake

Remove with a grass rake clippings. Pull the moss between the grass with the strong, resilient teeth. Or rake in flower beds weeded waste between perennials from.

Leaf Rake

The difference between a rake blade and a rear rake are the teeth. The leaf rake has flat teeth which terminate in a range and can be adjusted quickly and easily in width. Use the leaf rake to rake leaf litter together.

Garden Rake

This is a hard tined piece of equipment, for use to break up soil and also convenient to use to level areas.



Weeding Equipment


Remove weeds and loosen the soil with a hoe loose. Suitable for light soils and sandy soil.


A heel you use to remove weeds and is suitable for all soil types. A big difference with the hoe is a hoe you push through the soil and attracts a hoe.

Cultivator (trident)

Aerated close beaten ground to release it with a cultivator. A cultivator is suitable for all soil types.

  • create
  • spade

Create or digging with a spade the soil loose or replanted trees, shrubs and larger perennials. Exercise extra force from your foot to the top right.

Shovel bat

A shovel bat is designed to loose soil, sand, gravel, compost brag or garden waste. The cavity and the size you process more volume than with a spade. You can also dig with a pitch bat.

Spit fork

With the spading fork remove your roots and weeds. Or harvesting small plants and crops with the digging fork. A digging fork works better than a spade because it easily passes through roots.


chopping wood

Logging is more deliberate, quiet and efficient work than brute force. A well-aimed ax blow is more effective than a wild swing. Making timber size is not necessarily hard work. It requires skill, concentration and good tools. Especially when it comes to security.


Logging is easy with an ax. Work quiet, efficient and focused. An ax fiberglass is lightweight, ergonomic and therefore safer.

fiberglass axes

A fiberglass axe is lightweight, ergonomic and allows splitting wood easier. Fiberglass axes are also safer. Most accidents happen when you’re tired, reducing your concentration and coordination. With a lightweight axe you going longer, more precise and thus work safer.

Good tools are half the job. Proper maintenance of your equipment extends the life, works nicely and is another fine for your garden. For example, a sharp trimming shears to damage your plants less.





Cleaning the deck or patio

Clean your deck and walls with green anti-tarnish and anti weeds agent. This will keep the terrace nice clean and prevent damage to plaster and walls.


Especially after the winter into early spring, your patio could use a makeover. Be careful you do not slip, if green deposits on the tiles and / or steps is. Fluid builds up under the attack on pavements and walls damaging plaster and walls.

Green slime consists of algae and seaweed. They grow in places that are often long moist. These are mostly shady areas where drainage is poor. Green slime growing on all surfaces such as stone, wood, plastic and glass. We would like to give a few tips to combat green slime:

Home, garden and kitchen remedies

Periodically wipe your deck with sand. The abrasive action removes the green slime. Or rub firmly with hot water and a little soda. The disadvantage is that it just works, you will next month should get back to work.

Special anti-green-stop means

With special anti-green-stop means the attack remains a long time away. You can use it on all surfaces such as stone, wood, plastic and glass. This should be used also on walls and roofs.


Remove loose dirt. Dilute the product with water according to the instructions, or buy a ready-made means. Spray or pour on the attack. Do not use extra soap or synthetic detergent. Clean the surface thoroughly wet, for bricks and paving stones you need more liquid because they suck up a lot of moisture. Scrub stubborn stains on the surface. Leave it on to work. Rinse the surface then clean with water. Bring some of the solution on the surface, so you’re off longer time of the attack.

Remove weeds

The weeds between the terrace tiles you can remove a variety of ways. Wied with the hand or with a special brush on a handle . That is a steel brush the weeds easily between the joints sweeps from. The disadvantage is that you take a lot of sand so that the tiles subsiding rapidly. Therefore, fill after sweeping the joints with crushed sand. This sand is coarser than just sand so that weeds will come across difficult. Even after the use of a pressure washer, fill the joints with crushed sand. Always make sure that you also remove the roots of weeds.

Anti-weed agents

There are also agents against weeds. Such agent penetrates to the root and causes the whole plant dies. The agent makes weeding easier, but does not help prevent weeds.

Brooms, brushes and scrapers

Keep your beautiful terrace clean. Wipe, brush and dirt crab, green stains, moss and weeds away. Use a broom with proper stem length or – brush.


There are many different brushes for all kinds of uses. For better wipe work out, you have the choice of two types of brooms, of nylon or natural fibre.

Natural fibre or plastic?

Use a brush with natural fibre for all activities and especially to wipe away water. The broom has brown hair basinne Africa, a bamboo-like plant. Choose a brush with synthetic fibre for all activities and agricultural use, especially for wet dirt and snow. This broom has red plastic fibres.

broom Width

Both brushes are available in different widths. Do you have a large patio, choose a broom of 35 or 40 centimetreswide. This makes your work more efficient. For a small terrace is a 28 centimetre wide broom fine.


The standard thickness of a broomstick is 24 millimetres. For brooms wider than 30 centimetres a shank of at least 28 millimetres. Because you put more power is a broader stem from greater broom necessary. Save your back and choose the correct stem length for good posture.

Remove green stains and stubborn weeds between tiles or add brush. Add brushes have wire that lets you add wipe away easily moss and weeds. Here you easily remove stubborn weeds along. Use deck brushes green slime to remove decking.

add Broom

New Products is adding broom. This broom consists of nylon fibres and steel wire. The joints broom cleans easily paving large areas with green stains, moss and weeds.


All of these brushes have steel wire. First try a little bit to make sure it does not damage paving.

Pressure washers

With a high pressure make stubborn dirt, deposits and weathering easy to clean. Fill it with warm or hot water. There are different attachments for sale.

Pressure washers

A pressure washer is a device which water under high pressure (between 100 and 140 bar) through a special hose leading to a spray gun. Clean this persistent attack , weathering and dirt. Connect special attachments and remove example, deposits of terrace tiles. Or make your car, caravan or fence clean.


Standard lance (speed power)

Use the standard spray lance to your car, motorcycle, bicycle or caravan clean. The water is distributed over a relatively large surface area so that the risk of damage is very small. Hold the front of the lance 20 centimetres.

Rotary lance (tornado)

A power lance and dirt cutter is a special lance that reduces water flow. As the water makes better clean. A disadvantage is that the jet hits a smaller surface area. Therefore, put the power lance a rotary action, as you increase along the surface. A power lance is suitable for most terraces and walls.


Patio Cleaner (patio cleaner)

Avoid splashing water with a special deck cleaner. These works clean, effective and prevents everything after is covered in sand or mud.

cleaning solution

Some pressure washers you can add detergent. Increase as the cleaning action. Most pressure washers are suitable for warm and hot water. With warm or hot water you remove fats and oils.

Wash brush

Use a soft washing brush for your car. So you do not damage the paint. The brush has water and is available with adjustable telescopic handle.


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