Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Review of Top 3

Who doesn’t want their lawn to look beautiful and greener than ever? With liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate, your grass will never be greener on the other side, but would rather be the same on your side. Liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate is a must have these days because it’s what helps you keep up with the pace of today’s fast forward daily routine. Gone are the days when you would go to the store to buy different fertilizers and manually add them to your lawn. Of course, fertilizer is used in order to give a boost of nutrients to help grow the grass or other plants you may have in your yard. This process was effective without a doubt, but it’s definitely something that took a lot of time from your busy schedule. Well with liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate, those days are of the past. Liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate is all the fertilizer you will ever need, but combined into one single concentrated liquid which is essential for the soil. With this, there is absolutely no need of applying fertilizer separately. You just have to add water and spray it over your lawn and the nutrients present in the concentrated liquid would provide your lawn the supply it needs to grow healthy, lush grass and plants.

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The liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate comes in various sizes out of which the 1-gallon size is the most standard one. 1 gallon has the ability to cover an area of 50,000 square feet and can provide nutrition to your soil up to an area of 3 acres of land. The area covered would depend on the amount of water you add up with the concentrate without compromising with the quality. If you are inspired by this idea of applying liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate to your lawn, here are three products to help you save more time. This would be a comprehensive comparison for these three products and at the end, you would be able to decide the best one for yourself, or should we say your lawn.

Top 3 Liquid Lawn Fertilizers

Blue Gold Garden Organic Liquid Concentrate

liquid lawn fertilizerThe Blue Gold Garden Organic Liquid Concentrate is a 100% natural product and it is known to boost the growth of any garden plant as well as grass. This product will definitely make your gardening experience more pleasing and with this, gardening will not feel like a tough task at all. It is made of more than 85 kinds of herbs, more than 90 kinds of minerals, more than 35 types of seaweed plants and 21 plant oils and extracts. So you can imagine the amount of nutrition it would give your lawn soil from this complex composition. Moreover, being an all-natural product, this liquid fertilizer concentrate would cause no harm to any plant or soil. Neither it is harmful for the human body. You can also be assured of the safety of your pets if you have any, as it is also harmless to animals. This product would give enough nutrients to your grass and all the plants of your lawn; you would actually be able to see the results within a few days by yourself; you’ll love this stuff after seeing its effectiveness. You would hardly go for any other product in the market guaranteed.

This liquid concentrate is also ideal for indoor gardening in you have plantation inside your home. Not only does it provide nutrients to your plants, but it also helps the ecology of the lawn to be perfect. And being a natural product, it helps a great deal in preserving all the existing nutrients. The Blue Gold Garden Organic Liquid Concentrate would increase root growth of your plants so that they can go deeper into the soil which is very essential for plants of any kind. When there is lack of nutrients or water in the upper layer of the soil, all the plants need to grow their root deeper in search of new and sufficient nutrients for their growth. The Blue Gold Garden Organic Liquid Concentrate helps the plants in doing so and at the same time balances out the growth rate of the grass, grassroots and other plants.

Besides doing all these, the Blue Gold Garden Organic Liquid Concentrate helps to trap the nitrogen into the soil that helps the green bacteria growth in the soil. These bacteria are useful for the growth of your garden plants. It also contains natural zinc oxide which is one of the vital ingredients of plant growth. It also helps your plant to fight harmful germs and bacteria as well as improve their immune system so that the growth doesn’t get interrupted. This liquid fertilizer concentrate is also economic in nature. Since this is highly concentrated, you can make up to 47 gallons of liquid composition with this which would be more than enough for your garden.

Liquid Kelp Organic Seaweed fertilizer

liquid lawn fertilizer kelp organicDid you know the fact that seaweed is a very crucial and necessary ingredient for the garden plants when it comes to their growth and survival? Since seaweeds are grown naturally, the product is free from any kind of harmful substance and hence it brings no harm to humans or even animals. Seaweeds grow underwater and as the name suggests, many of its kind grow on the seabed. Sea water is enriched with salt and other forms of natural minerals and nutrients which are all very useful for the growth of a plant. While they are alive under the sea water, they capture these ingredients in their body and thus becomes a rich source of natural nutrients. And being made from seaweeds, the Liquid Kelp Organic Seaweed fertilizer is very high in organic materials and naturally occurring minerals in them.

The Liquid Kelp Organic Seaweed fertilizer would help you to grow the plants of your garden faster while also keeping them in good health. This fertilizer would also ensure that they never lack any natural substance. It also helps to keep the diversity of the soil intact so all the living organisms in your lawn soil would remain healthy and this would ensure a healthy ecosystem to exist in your lawn. This liquid seaweed fertilizer helps to improve the seed germination and also increases the root development process so that you would enjoy a fast growing garden full of healthy plants. The main ingredient of this liquid fertilizer is a seaweed named Ascophyllum Nodosu which is known for its high mineral content and fertilizing capacity. This would also ensure an increased bloom set and flower size and would also ensure an increased fruit quantity.

This product is known to be the Nature’s Miracle plant food and it seems from the performance that the title is not an exaggeration, rather a well-deserved one. It also helps to release the stress of the plants which are caused by the extreme weather conditions from time to time.

Alaska Fish Emulsion fertilizer

alaska fish emulsionYou have now read about two types of liquid concentrated garden fertilizer made of different substances. One is made many natural herbs and minerals and another is made of seaweeds. Both of them are natural and quite helpful for your lawn. They also help you in reducing your time and effort a great deal. Now, there is a third kind of liquid fertilizer concentrate on the list which is made of fish. Surprised? Don’t be! Fish is known to be the source of many natural nutrients and minerals. Believe it or not, fish bones are pure natural calcium which is an essential ingredient for the growth of your plants. Besides, there are also a lot of useful ingredients in the fish skin and they help a great deal in maintaining a normal level of pH in the soil. The pH level of soil is vital since too much acidic soil would hamper the growth of your plant due to the absence of minerals in them. Also, soil full of minerals which are non-acidic in nature would result in an overdose of minerals in your plants. As a result, your plants may grow too fast but would die very quickly since they won’t be able to handle the excess amount of minerals in the soil. The Alaska Fish Emulsion fertilizer does the job of maintaining a perfect pH level in your soil which in turn ensures a fast growth and longevity of your plants. They would grow fast, but would also be able to survive as well thanks to the right amount of minerals in the soil.

The Alaska Fish Emulsion fertilizer is made of fish but this does not stink as you would expect. You must be thinking this by now since it has been made of fish, it must stink. But quite the opposite. It’s a fact that most other fish fertilizers do stink, but the Alaska Fish Emulsion fertilizer is deodorized thoroughly with wintergreen which gives it a nice and pleasing smell. It is great for all kinds of plants in your garden and it definitely does not burn at all. Burning has been one of the greatest problems since the advent of the fish fertilizers in the market and many top brands have this problem. But the Alaska Fish Emulsion fertilizer if 100% safe in that aspect and its specially treated formula ensures a zero burn and hence you would definitely be loving this. This is what your garden wants, if you are a fan of organic gardening.

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