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A lot of us are into gardening and growing plants in our backyards, regardless of the size. While it does sound like an exciting and adventurous activity or hobby, there are intricacies involved. First of all, you have to do a lot of manual labor. There are supplies and equipment out there which could help you in accomplishing this task, but you would still have to do a lot of manual work in order to have a successful garden. If you are into gardening then perhaps you might have already undergone the experience of growing grass. Today’s topic of the article is along these lines. The objective of this article is to talk about the best shade grass seed. Grass is something that is easily grown under any terrain. Even the most infertile land is able to grow grass. It can arguably be considered a blessing that it grows this easily. Similarly, grass also grows under some of the most difficult climatic conditions. The purpose of bringing up this fact is that you stop worrying about the difficulty of grass growth under shady conditions. More importantly, there are products out there that could help you in achieving this task.

To inform you of some possible solutions, we will go over three products that could help you in growing grass under shady conditions. Before we go into the details of those three products, it is important to understand that because of the advances in fertilizers and seeds. We have the choice of growing special types of grasses that actually follow a normal growth pattern – even in the shady conditions. Therefore, it is essential to get over this misconception that grass only grows in areas where it gets full sunlight. In fact, a good idea would be to take a tour of your neighborhood and you will notice a lot of areas having lush green grass that actually don’t receive much of sunlight. To put it in a different way, the phenomenon of growing grass under difficult shady conditions is not something which is considered extraordinary; average households are doing it every day and are also getting fantastic results. However, this does not mean that you can achieve the best of the results with just any other product off the shelf. The  product you use needs to be spot on if you want to achieve the results that you actually desire. This is the reason we will go over some of the best products in this discussion. A good idea would be to double check this with other reviews so that you get a complete picture. Also worth noting here is the fact that you don’t have to visit any specialized store to buy these products because you can easily purchase them online. So if you want to grow grass under shade but don’t know where to begin, then you might want to continue reading this article as we go over the whole process.

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Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade

Pennington Smart Seed Dense ShadeTo start with, you can look into the Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix 7 lb. This packet of seeds only costs around 30 dollars and produces a fine quality grass perfect for your lawn. The grass is of fine blade quality and looks aesthetically beautiful. You might have come across other shade mixes but this one actually promises to outperform all of those because of its special composition. Another problem that you might have come across other grass seeds that promise you full grown grass under shade is that they are not disease resistant. This is one of the major problems that consumers face every day. This is something that you cannot even assess or judge just by looking at the product; you actually have to go through the whole experience to find out about how resistant it is to disease. Many of the seeds do deliver good and fine quality grass, but it turns out that they are not disease resistant and basically you end up spending money and effort on dead grass. All of this could be really frustrating and therefore it is highly recommended that you buy the Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade this time because it is disease resistant. The seed variety contained in the packet is improved and would thrive even in the densest shade areas. If you are worried about the climatic conditions of your region, then don’t be because there are customized seed varieties that you could buy particularly for your own region. As mentioned earlier, climatic conditions do play an important role, but advances in seed varieties have taken care of this problem so now you can easily grow grass in any climatic conditions. Another great feature about this grass seed is that it is environmentally friendly as it saves 30% of the water as compared with other grass seeds. This is a unique feature and you can certainly ensure your contribution towards having a greener earth by buying this product. Environment is a topic that can no longer be ignored these days and the whole world is taking measures to sustain the essence of our planet. This puts a huge responsibility on us consumers as well as when it comes to smart and environmentally friendly choices.

Scotts Turf Builder Dense Shade Mix

Scotts Turf Builder Dense Shade MixAnother shade grass seed that you could look into for growing grass in shade conditions is the Scotts Turf Builder Dense Shade Mix. A packet of this product costs around 35 dollars which is a bit expensive as compared to the previously mentioned product. If we talk about the results you should expect with this product, it is more oriented towards achieving thicker grass. More importantly, it is quite effective in terms of growing greener grass in a very short amount of time. Like the previous product, this one also has special features that protect the grass from getting infected with certain disease. More specifically, it comes with a WaterSmart Plus Coating that helps in the absorption of more water and also with nutrients. Eventually, the seed remains protected from the disease. If your place has dense canopied trees and you have been unsuccessful in growing grass, then this product is ideal for you because it grows easily in dense shade conditions. Even if the grass is just receiving sunlight for about three hours per day on average, even that would be enough for this seed to grow thick green grass that you want. The seed is not just about growing grass shady conditions, but it is also self-repairing. This blend is not only unique, but it helps protect the grass and as a result you get a healthy patch of green, lush grass. Owing to its WaterSmart Plus feature, even if you miss watering for a day or two, it will not affect the growth of this grass. You can easily purchase this product from any major online retailer, which is another plus.

Jonathon Greene Dense Shade Grass Seed

Jonathon Greene Dense Shade Grass SeedThe last product that we are going to discuss today to overcome the difficulty of growing grass under shade conditions is the Jonathon Greene Dense Shade Grass seed Mix. The very first thing to note is that it is a 15 pound bag and that is why the price of this product is 70 dollars. While this may seem quite a bit as compared with the previously mentioned products, you are provided with a lot of fertilizer. It has a square foot coverage of about 9000. As compared with other products, you will notice that the quality much superior when it comes to this seed. It is specifically designed to grow grass under dense shade conditions. Even if you have dense shade, this seed is so powerful that it will grow some of the densest green grass you have ever seen. It also incorporates endophytic turfgrass varieties that enables the seed to withstand the disease epidemic that inflicts all sorts of grass varieties. It is worth noting here the fact that insect pests do not attack this grass seed as easily as others. The benefits of buying this grass seed is multifold. You should note that three pounds of this variety would be enough to cover 1800 sq feet of area. No matter which season it is in your area, this seed variety will behave the way you want it to. All of this is not just hollow promises, but this product has been tried by many customers and it has received more than 99 percent satisfaction rate which is quite amazing.

To conclude our discussion on growing grass in the shade, the choice of the seed variety plays a substantial role and this is something that you cannot ignore. People normally think that seed variety is only important for those people who are into hardcore farming and want to grow different fruits and vegetables. While it certainly is important for those people, it is equally as important for those people as well who are just into growing grass. This in turn means that you need to do some research before you buy any sort of grass seed. Due to the varieties available, it is essential to buy that variety that is suited to your own particular environment and climatic conditions. You could certainly take a look at the three seed varieties mentioned in this article to help your yard grow some good quality grass.

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