Ideas for Decorating a Living Room on a Budget


Decorating a living room by changing colors and updating accents can give it an entirely new look and feel, and surprisingly, a living room can go from ordinary to extraordinary in one afternoon. Contrary to popular belief, it does not take a lot of money to begin decorating in unique and stylish ways.

Consider the following budget ideas for decorating a living room, and give one of the most popular spaces in the home a fresh and stylish new appearance.

Bathe the Walls with Color

One of the cheapest ways to change the look of a living room is with paint. However, a neat paint job will not cheapen the look of a living room. When decorating on a budget, take your time when choosing paint, and consider purchasing small sample bottles before investing in gallons of a color you might not like on living room walls. Paint poster boards to create large samples, and place them in various areas throughout the living room at different times of the day. This will give you a good idea of how the new hue will look in various levels of lighting and with existing furniture, flooring, and window treatments. A single coat of paint really does have the power to transform the appearance of the living room, and for far less than the cost of professional decorating. Unlike wallpaper or other wall coverings, paint will not break the budget. Instead it will liven the walls and give the living room a whole new look.

Budget Ways to Create New Bookshelf and Curio Displays

When decorating a living room on a budget, a little rearranging goes a long way. If the living room is equipped with freestanding floor shelves, move the shelves to a different location to give the living room a new and improved look. Consider placing a large shelf unit against the wall between two comfortable chairs. This budget decorating idea will create a comfortable space for curling up with a good book and relaxing.

Is your curio display looking a little tired? Give it new life by removing all of the trinkets, clean the glass and mirrored surfaces, and rearrange the entire display. It is amazing how different a curio cabinet looks after the contents have been moved around. Trinkets that once went unnoticed can be placed within view, and the entire display will have a fresh and more appealing appearance. No matter the style, rearranging trinkets and home decor is the easiest method of decorating on a budget.

Add New Lampshades and Light Switch Covers

Those who must stick to a decorating budget can give old living room lamps a completely new look with the addition of new shades. A lampshade is an interchangeable part of a table lamp, and it can be updated very easily. Look for budget priced shades that compliment existing lamp bases, and give them a quick and easy facelift for far less than the cost of new lamps. Decorating on a budget does not mean the outcome will appear cheap. On the contrary, it means that existing decor will be updated in affordable new ways within the decorating budget.

Old and Tattered Carpeting? Buy a Few Budget Priced Throw Rugs

Carpeting is one of the most expensive components of a living room, but new flooring is not necessary when decorating a living room on a budget. As long as the carpeting is clean, it is salvageable. Extend the life of old carpeting and give it a whole new look with the addition of budget priced throw rugs. Throw rugs come in all colors, styles, and sizes and you will find the perfect match for your living room without going over the decorating budget.

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These are just some of the ways in which a living room can be updated without going over budget. Look around your living room and consider the ways in which the decor can be updated, changed, and rearranged without spending a small fortune. Some of the most dramatic changes are very affordable, and it is possible to completely change the look of a living room while sticking to a strict decorating budget.

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