Tips for Creating a Gardening Wall in Your Garage


If you are planning on having a garden during the spring and summer months, why not use your garage as a storage location. Many use their garages to store lots of junk that they no longer need to use. Instead of letting items pile up, why not create a gardening wall in your garage. This is really very simple to do.

Organize All Your Garden Tools

The first things you will want to do are clean out the garage and organize all of the items. The best way to do this is to take all of the items out of the garage and then place them back into the garage in an organized fashion. Set up one wall to hold all of your gardening supplies. I would recommend that you visit your local Home Depot Store, and purchase some hooks. Hang up a nice amount of hooks so that you can store your supplies this way. This will give you more floor space for the larger items such as the planting soil, and additional supplies.


Put Your Garden Design Drawing on the Wall

Another item which you can add to your gardening wall is a diagram or picture of what you want your garden to look like. Some usually find pictures inside of a magazine and will use this as your guide. You can also draw your own sketch and use this. Having a drawing or general idea of how you want your garden to look is certainly a good idea. Hang this up in the center of your gardening wall. It can be the main focal point of the wall.

Check out 10 Steps to a dream garden if you’re interested in learning more about garden design drawings.

Add A Work Surface

A small desk for the area near your gardening wall is also a good idea. If you don’t like the idea of a table which will take up more space, then why not instead put up a simple shelf. You can purchase a long shelf that will run the entire length of the gardening wall. Be sure that when you install it, you make sure that it is secure. This is the perfect area to place all of your seeds, and your pots as well. Basically anything that can not be hung up should be placed on this shelf. I would recommend that you first draw a sketch of how you want your garden wall to be. This will help to keep everything neat and organized when you are ready to get started. Remember that you don’t want to go overboard but instead do your best to keep things as simple as possible.


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