How to Choose Outdoor Lighting Fixtures for Your Home


Outdoor lighting fixtures are the perfect decorative accent for your yard and front door. The great thing about lighting fixtures is that they are beautiful, functional, and they provide additional security for your home. The options in outdoor lighting are almost as numerous as indoor lighting choices, so your local hardware store will have a wide variety of fixtures to choose from. Outdoor lighting fixtures allow you to provide light around the front of your house where you need it most. These lighting fixtures are visually appealing decorative accents that create a warm and pleasant exterior home experience.

What are your exterior light fixture options?

The options for exterior lighting are broad and extensive. Some of the most popular outdoor lighting features include decorative garden and walkway lights, floodlights, spotlights, wall-mounted lamps, sconces, ceiling lights, and lamppost fixtures. These lighting options also come in a wide variety of materials like wrought iron, brass, chrome, stainless steel, pewter, brushed nickel, fiberglass, and synthetic materials. In addition, the various finishes on the light fixtures can be dull and rustic or bright and shiny.

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How can you incorporate these light fixtures into the design of your home?

Choose exterior light fixtures that work in harmony with the architectural and design elements of your home. For example, brushed metals are popular with more modern and contemporary home designs, and wrought iron and brass are more classical and traditional in their appeal. In addition, the light fixtures can coordinate with the hardware on your door and with the style of address numbers you have chosen. Of course, these styles don’t have to match perfectly, but they should complement and harmonize with the other architectural and decorative home design elements.

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Are low-voltage and solar light fixtures a viable option?

Since exterior light fixtures add aesthetic beauty, provide functional lighting, and improve a home’s security, you might want to choose lighting that puts out a large amount of light. If so, then low-voltage and solar lighting are probably not the best alternative. However, low-voltage lighting and solar lighting can be a wonderful supplement to porch lights and garage lights that may already be functional at your home. Installation of low-voltage lighting and solar lighting is extremely easy and practical. In addition, purchasing this type of lighting will lower voltage can also add a soft touch to landscape and walkways. Purchasing exterior light fixtures that are designed to direct the light source downward are typically the most advantageous. Lighting fixtures provide a visual appeal that is friendly and welcoming.

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