23 Most Common Home Construction Errors


Building a new home can be an exciting moment in your life, this place will be built as a dream home, unfortunately if you don’t know what to look for, your new dream home might have several unseen issues. Listed below are some of the most common home construction errors.

23 Home Construction Errors

Foundation and Framing Errors

  • The foundation is out of square or the layout is inaccurate.
  • Footing drains are not carefully placed to prevent filling up with silt, being crushed during back-fill, or not breaking grade.
  • Wall framing is out of plumb. This will come back to haunt you at every stage of construction; sheetrock, finishes, finish carpentry, installation of doors and windows all will become problematic.
  • Framed walls constructed without blocking for proper attachment of sheetrock finishes, toilet accessories, and cabinets to be hung.
  • Framing constructed without adequate fire-stopping.

Thermal and Moisture Protection Errors

  • Inadequate crawl space or basement ventilation installed to prevent condensation problems.
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  • Vapor barriers are installed without proper attention to windows, electrical outlets and other penetrations.
  • Soffit and ridge ventilation is not provided, or not calculated properly to meet code, or insulation is installed in such a way as to block clear flow of air from soffit to ridge.

Finishes Errors

  • Wood siding and trim is not back-primed increasing the amount of future maintenance required.
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  • Exterior painting is accomplished under unfavorable weather conditions, or wood siding and trim has not been allowed to sufficiently dry out prior to application.
  • Wood windows and doors are not immediately primed upon arrival at construction site, invalidating warranty and causing warping or other damage to units prior to installation.
  • Installing sheetrock with too many butt joints or not completing enough sanding on the final tape coat; imperfections only reveal themselves after painting has been completed or when the sun hits walls at a certain angle.
  • Installing tile without proper attention to layout, creating awkward or too many cut pieces at walls, cabinets, or plumbing fixtures.
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Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Errors

  • Installing too few or not properly locating return air registers for hot air and air conditioning systems to function properly.
  • Not providing enough heat at kitchens and bathrooms, relying exclusively on toe-kick heaters.
  • Not providing cast iron waste pipes through walls and ceilings adjacent to living areas. Plastic pipe is noisy and insulation usually proves inadequate.
  • Improper size and location of holes drilled into floor joists for plumbing pipes and electrical wiring reducing the structural capacity of framing members.

Electrical Errors

  • Poor planning and coordination with framing contractor; not allowing for symmetrical or optimal aesthetic placement of recessed light fixtures.
  • Not pre-wiring for future needs, not installing conduits from basement to attic for future power, telephone, and computer lines.
  • Not providing conduits under sidewalks and driveways for future landscape lighting.

Hiring a Contractor Errors

  • Not thoroughly checking your General Contractors references.
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  • Not obtaining a list of sub-contractors who will work on your project, and thoroughly checking their references.
  • Not ensuring your contractor pulls all required permits, which can effect the home inspection and resale value.
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