Clear Your Lawn of Clutter


When you think of clutter, no one thinks of their yard. Clutter seems to be any man made objects that are strewn in and outside the home. Not having a clutter free lawn, can be keeping you from reaching your dreams because they are sucking the energy out of your life.

Weeding the lawn is the number one spring garden tip, costing no money and requires a minimum amount of time and energy. Clear the clutter in the landscaping to keep your plants and trees healthy.

Lawn Care Tips

  • how to clean up your lawnWeed your landscaping on a regular basis. Remove weeds that are invading on the space of your flowers, bushes and trees.
  • Aerate the soil in the garden to allow the stagnant chi(invisible energy) to escape and to allow for fresh chi to enter the soil.
  • Cut tree branches that are overgrown and thin out shrubs. The best time is in the late fall when the leaves have fallen or early spring before the buds appear.
  • Touch the plants and remove leaves that are looking ill so they do not affect the rest of the plant or other plants.
  • The natural landscape should have some order.
  • Have trellis for the climbing plants.
  • Clean out the garbage on a regular basis. Do not leave newspapers, candy wrappers hidden in the garden.
  • After you remove the clutter from the landscape, water the plants. Ideal times are before 9:00 am and after 6:00 pm. The most preferable time is in the morning.
  • Get the garden clutter free to allow fresh, revitalizing chi to enter the home and your life. Before the chi enters your front door it must first flow through the garden and it will add to its strength if the garden is healthy and strong.
  • Remove dandelion weeds from the garden and lawn.

Dandelion Removal

weeds hurt your landscaping dreamsDandelions are a symbol of wealth according to the Feng Shui principles. The next time you see your lawn full of dandelions be thankful for the abundance you are about to receive instead of being annoyed by the weed.

Use a dandelion tool or a flat end screwdriver to remove the dandelions by the roots. As you take each dandelion out of the ground visualize your bank account increasing. The size of the dandelion symbolizes if you put a big or small deposit into your bank account.

Do not place any poison on the dandelions as they are destroying the dandelion as well as the groundwater and upsetting the balance of the ecosystem. Children and pets cannot play on the grass because chemical residues are left behind and their small exploring hands will bring the toxins to their bodies and leave the residue on toys and much more.

Dandelion Symbols

Dandelions that are easy to get out of the ground with a tool represent how easy money flows into your home. It means you are willing to pay for quality and do not fear if you will have enough for tomorrow.

Dandelions that are difficult to get out of the ground represent your fear of money. As you gain a few dollars you hold onto it fearing tomorrow will be a rainy day. You have to work harder for a few extra dollars because you fear you will lack money.

The next time you are digging out dandelions, ask yourself if you hold onto money out of fear or are sensibly generous knowing tomorrow will provide.

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