Make a Tin Mini Chalk Board


Far too many of the chalkboards and memo boards made for kitchen message centers and by home phones are so dreadfully boring. Fortunately, this tin mini chalk board is super simple to create and looks so adorable when finished! Make one or several for your own home, or give as a perfect housewarming gift for a friend or family member.

To make a mini tin chalk board, you will need:

  • One eight inch tin scroll tile
  • Masking tape
  • Krylon Premium Metallic Paint in Original Chrome
  • Krylon Chalkboard Paint in Black
  • A piece of chalk
  • Craft knife
  • Magnet
  • Newspaper or drop cloth

Steps to making a chalk board

Cover your entire workspace with newspaper or a drop cloth to prevent overspray. When using spray paints, it is always important that your work area is well ventilated. Usually, this means an outdoor area. Also, use extreme caution when working with sharp items like craft tin or a craft knife which can cause a serious cut or other injury.

Lay the eight inch tin scroll tile flat on your workspace. With a craft knife, cut enough masking tape to completely cover the center of the tin tile. Adhere the tape to the tile, smoothing with your fingers to prevent any bubbles.

Spray the tin tile with an even coat of Krylon Premium Metallic Paint in Original Chrome. (This causes a shinier finish than just leaving the galvanized tin alone.) Let the paint dry for a half an hour before adding a second coat. Dry completely.

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Remove the masking tape. Apply another set of masking tape to the entire scroll area on the tin tile. It is extremely important that the tape is not bubbling to prevent any overspray from the next step in our project.

Apply one thick coat of Krylon Chalkboard Paint in Black to the center of the scroll tin tile. Let the chalkboard paint dry for a half an hour. Add a second coat. Let this layer dry for a half an hour. Add a third coat, and again dry for half an hour. Continue this process until you have built up enough chalkboard paint that the color is a rich black and a magnet easily sticks to the board. (The magnet should not slide or move when placed on the board with a piece of note paper.) Also test with a piece of chalk.

Remove all masking tape. Hang the chalkboard as desired, or place in a decorative plate display stand for an easy countertop viewing.

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